5 Reasons Why Kerygma Conference 2017 Will Change Your Life

Updated: October 26, 2017

Are you about to give up on a dream? You’re trying so hard and yet nothing is happening? Don’t give up just yet. You just might find the solution to your problem at the Kerygma Conference 2017 (KCON).

That’s just one of the reasons why you should block off these dates – November 23 to 26, 2017 – on your calendar.

I haven’t met anyone who regretted joining the KCON at the SMX Convention Center and SM Mall of Asia Arena. They always say it’s life-changing. Here are the other reasons why you should not pass up this once-in-a-year event.

1. Renew your weary soul and worried mind.

Are you tired? You’re busy but not getting anywhere?

Kerygma Conference is the place to renew your weary soul and worried mind. You don’t have to do anything. You just need to listen. In our noisy and fast-paced world, we all need to slow down once in a while. Maybe this is what you need.

KCON gives you the space to listen to where life is calling you next.

2. Get positive vibes and be happy again.

Is your home, office, or company filled with negative energy that’s making you sick? Our environment shapes and influences us more than we think. Give yourself a break and surround yourself with positive people.

The Kerygma Conference always vibrates with such goodness and positive energy that you can almost taste it! You’re going to ask yourself, “Why are these people so happy?”

You want to know why? Come to the Kerygma Conference! It has been proven to dispel depression and darkness in people’s lives.

Come and let God light up your life again. Your circumstances may not change but you definitely will – and that makes all the difference.

3. Receive wisdom from the country’s most powerful speakers.

The country’s most powerful speakers will be at the Kerygma Conference. Individually, it will cost you thousands of pesos just to listen to them speak for an hour. But they will be there to speak to you at a mere fraction of that cost.

KCON tickets cost only P2,000 (regular tickets) and P3,000 (premium tickets) for the whole four days. And you will receive valuable wisdom from the country’s best speakers including Bo Sanchez, Francis Kong, Edward Lee, Dean Pax Lapid, Rex Mendoza, Karen Davila, and Mike Enriquez, among many others.

International speaker Chris Padgett will also be there. Receive God’s message for your life through these anointed speakers. You deserve to hear it.

Learn from them and you will be saved from a lot of heartaches in your relationships, family, work, business, and personal life.

4. Experience heaven on earth.

Would you like to know what heaven feels like? Join the Holy Mass and worship at the Kerygma Conference and you’ll know. It’s the closest thing to experiencing heaven on earth.

They say that when you pray, you light a candle. But when 20,000 people pray together, you’re building a pillar of fire that heaven cannot help but notice.

When people worship together, heaven opens up and sends down all the graces that the people need. Worship at Kerygma Conference is a life-changing moment. Miracles happen. Experience it for yourself.

5. Receive the love you deserve.

Maybe you have lost a loved one, someone died, or someone broke your heart. Maybe you feel unloved by the people who matter most to you.

Come to the Kerygma Conference and let love heal you, fill you up, and make you whole again. Go there to receive love. Receive the love God wants to give to you. He has not forgotten you. He will finish what He has started in your life (Philippians 1:6).

God is committed to bless you. He is asking you to go on this date with Him. He is hoping you’ll be there. Receive the blessing that’s waiting for you at the Kerygma Conference.

For more information on the speakers, classes, Grand Feast, and to reserve your ticket, visit http://kerygmaconference.com/2017 today!

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