Abundance Is Attracted To Clarity

Updated: April 14, 2020

Abundance is attracted to clarity.

That’s what Bro. Bo Sanchez said during the IMG Convention of Champions, which happened yesterday at the SMX Convention Center.

And I couldn’t agree more with him because I can attest that indeed, when you have clear goals – when you declare to yourself the exact things that you want, then abundant opportunities will come to you, and help make those goals and your dreams come true.

It’s such a simple idea, but it carries so much power that can truly change your life.

Bro. Bo Sanchez
Bro. Bo Sanchez speaking at the IMG Convention

It’s been four months since I attended my very first IMG Convention, which happened last February in Singapore.

During that time, I was new to the experience of the “big event”, and simply attended because I qualified for free plane tickets (thanks to my team who worked really hard).

Some members of the growing “Ready To Be Rich” Team!

After that convention, I immediately understood why it’s so important to attend these events. It’s because there’s so much valuable learning that you can never really get anywhere else.

That’s why when IMG announced this 2013 Convention of Champions, I didn’t have any second thoughts to attend.

I actually declared it in the post about My IMG Convention Experience in Singapore. And because I was clear about my intentions back then, my very busy (and erratic) schedule somehow made itself free for this important day.

IMG Convention
Members of IMG listening to EVC Liz Zetazate from Canada

Yesterday was indeed a day of abundance for all members of IMG.

We received blessings, not just from Bro. Bo Sanchez, but also from Mr. Rex Mendoza, and other leaders of IMG – who all generously shared with us the lessons they learned in working for the mission.

What is this mission? To ensure that no family is left behind.

And we do this by giving our best to help individuals and families develop financial strategies that will make them reach their goals and more importantly, achieve “P.O.M.” or Peace of Mind.

Do you want to be part of this mission?

If yes, then you can sign up to become a member of IMG too, just send me an email through my contact form – or better yet, sign-up HERE to attend a FREE Money Seminar at the IMG-Wealth Academy.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you at the IMG office soon.

Around one month ago, I featured a question from the Ask Community about IMG or the International Marketing Group.

Motivated by the positive reviews and reactions from different readers, I tasked myself to get to know the company better and see what they are really all about.

Now, I’d like to share with you my personal experience in becoming a member of IMG, and attending their Wealth Academy.

First of all, I’d like to say that there isn’t really much that you can research about IMG online, and currently, your best source of information about the company would simply be their official website.

In any case, IMG actually stands for International Marketing Group and they operate as a financial distribution company. They’re actually a big company with offices and marketing arms in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines and other countries worldwide.

Being a “financial distribution company” means they carry a broad array of financial products & services – from insurance to mutual funds, from real estate to loans management, and several other personal finance and investment products.

In simple terms, they are a “one-stop shop” for all your financial needs.

Now here comes an interesting observation about IMG…

Unlike most companies whose focus is in selling their products, IMG is more focused on educating and helping people increase their financial I.Q. – because they believe that when you understand the importance of saving and investing – then you’ll already take it upon yourself to develop a financial strategy and learn more about their products and services.

As an analogy, let’s say that IMG is an umbrella salesman and you’re a pedestrian passing by the sidewalk. Most salesman will try to sell you their umbrella, telling you how cheap but sturdy their product is.

But IMG will not do that, instead… they will inform you that the weather forecast for the day is that there is a high probability of rainfall later. If you went out of your house prepared, then you’re all good – but if not, then I’m sure you’ll suddenly consider buying that umbrella, right?

A seminar at the IMG Wealth Academy

The IMG Wealth Academy

The IMG Wealth Academy is where your journey towards financial literacy begins, so to speak. It is the company’s “school” where you can attend various financial management lectures on business, investments and personal finance.

Currently, they have 33 modules which you can learn from. And so far, I’ve been able to attend three.

The first one I attended was called Series 1, which is about Practical Money Management Strategies. IMG Wealth Academy National Marketing Director, and now friend, Dr. Jaime Lorenzo, gave me a one-on-one table lecture about it.

The second one which I attended was Series 2, which is about Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams. This time, I went to their office in Makati and attended the classroom seminar.

The most recent one, which I also attended in a classroom, was called Upstart School, which basically continues where Series 2 left of. The most interesting learning I got on this one is the so-called, “Four Cornerstones of a Strong Financial Foundation”.

Three down, and thirty more to go. There is still a lot for me to learn in the Wealth Academy!

Receiving my certificate for finishing “Upstart School”

Join Me, Maybe?

The good news is that, attending Series 1 and Series 2 at the IMG Wealth Academy is FREE and OPEN for everyone. Moreover, these seminars are regularly held in different cities in the country and around the world!

I am attending the seminars in Makati City, but they also conduct them in Laguna, Naga, Baler, Tacloban, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro.

For OFWs, they also offer seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and Brunei.

And I was informed that more cities and countries will be added to the list soon.

Personal Thoughts

The best thing that I like so far about attending the IMG Wealth Academy seminars is feeling the positive vibe of the people around. They’re a group of highly motivated people, each one with an inspiring story to tell.

The most memorable so far, was when someone introduced herself and told me that she is a regular reader of my blog. I was really surprised that she recognized me and knew who I am.

She then told me that reading my blog has inspired her to pursue financial freedom; and that dream has led her to discover IMG Wealth Academy, which has been helping her for many months now in learning how to reach that goal.

New friends I met at the IMG Wealth Academy

Attend a FREE Money Seminar at IMG Wealth Academy

Do you want to learn more about the Wealth Academy and how you can attend their FREE money seminars? Then just follow the link below:

Yes! I want to attend the IMG Wealth Academy for FREE


  1. Hi sir fitz
    I am a newbie in investing.right now i invest in uitfs mutual funds and individual stock picking. A friend of mine came to me inviting me to join royale business club an mlm company? Have you heard of it? They would ask you to buy a package worth 12888 and you would allegedly earn from selling products or recruiting other persons to get in or what they call as leveraging. Is it not the fact that leveraging is equal to pyramiding? That at some point it will collapse? They even offer you to buy several accounts ini multiples of 3 , 7,15 until 255 accounts that already cost millions in total which I find somehow disturbing. Whats your analysis on this?thank you in advance.

  2. Hi sir fitz,
    Whats your take on the royale business club an mlm company?they ask you to invest a hefty sum for one account and even encourage potential clients to buy multiple accounts for multiple income? They used the term leveraging but is it not the same as pyramiding whose “main” source of payment is from recruitment of others?

  3. Hi bluejeans,

    I’m not well-versed with MLMs myself, so I’mwaiting for Fitz’ answer too.

    But, personally, if it were me, I’d look at the Php12888 package. Is it really worth 12888? Can I really sell it and make money? Or is it overpriced and/or useless?

    If you can envision yourself selling that product because it’s a really great product, then maybe their legit. I remember something similar, but the products were mostly over-priced glutathione, so I didn’t bother even though the people inviting me were friends and co workers.

  4. Hi. i have a few relatives who are into the royale business club biz and they are earning good money with. I also can say it is legitimate. Plus, they have established a good team to work with them. It is actually a networking business that includes direct selling of wellness products (supplements, etc.)and of course recruitment. Years back, I was invited to join the same but i refused since at that time i just got out of a failed networking business too. I have been exposed to other networking business and i got to meet some people who were able to make it, some are break-even while some don’t. Here’s a suggestion, consider long-term. If the product works well for you and if you think you can sell the product and have more people join you, then you might want to give it a go.
    I don’t regret getting into networking businesses before. Sure, I have tried the products and they were mostly good. Those experiences pulled the trigger within to find the RIGHT business for me. (Sure enough, it was good for others but definitely not for me).
    MLM is a good system in business but you also have to find a product which you think can really put your hands into it so that you can work your way to the top. 🙂

  5. Hi bluejeans,

    These are my general rules when evaluating an MLM company.

    1. Are the products they’re selling really worth their SRP? Is there a similar product in the market that’s more effective, more affordable, OR more accessible to the general public?

    – it’s hard to sell a product that’s overpriced, and if there’s a better product in the market.

    2. If all the members stop recruiting, and just bought and sold their products… will the company survive?

    – a bit hard to know, but you can do some calculated guesses based on their product prices and how they administer the business

    3. Has the company been operating as a network marketing for more than 5 years already? (some companies shift from direct sales to MLM)

    – pyramiding schemes very rarely survive 5 years

    4. Does the company provide top management training to its members on how to improve their network marketing skills?

    – top management means the company itself initiates and organizes those trainings, and not uplines / team leaders

    On a more personal level, you should evaluate your own skills if an MLM business is for you… this will require you to be a salesman, have really good public relations (even speaking skills), and give it your time priority (if you want this to be profitable for you)

    Those I know who made it big in MLM had focus and discipline – almost none of them watch TV anymore, and spends their weekday nights, and weekends with their team and meeting prospects

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