It’s My Birthday, and I Have a Small Request

Updated: January 24, 2015

Yes, you read that right – it’s my birthday today!

If you’re my Facebook friend, then you’d know that I just came back from Mindoro.

I spent several days in Puerto Galera to simply relax, bum around the beach and exchange travel stories with the locals and other backpackers.

I’m back in Manila, and now as I turn another year older, I have a small request from you – a gift that I’d like to ask this year from you for my birthday.


Can you share how Ready To Be Rich has helped you?

This blog and its financial advocacy is a big part of my life.

Today, I’d like to know how it has become part of yours.

Below in the comments section, kindly share how my blog, my book, or attending one of my seminars, has helped you in the past year.

Specific stories with actual numbers are great, such as “the tips you gave in your seminar helped me save P120,000 in the bank” or “the investing strategies in your book allowed me to earn the P400,000 downpayment I need for my dream house.”

On the other hand, you can also choose to share the goals you’ve achieved, such as “your blog has helped me learn how to invest” or “your stories has inspired me to start my own business.”

I always do this every year, and the testimonials are my greatest source of personal inspiration and motivation. So please allow me to indulge on your kind words today.

I’m looking forward to hearing your stories. Thank you!

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  1. since I was reading and getting some info from your blog,I am on my way to financial freedom, next step saving for emergency fund.thank you for sharing your insights !God bless u and more power! πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Sir Fitz,

    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    I know you are very blessed already and I wish you more blessings ahead.
    I wanna thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving a lot of people free financial education. I just started reading “Ready to be Rich” a few weeks ago and I have already learned a lot of things about financial, self-discipline, motivation, and life itself. I have no idea about investments before but after reading those clear and well-explained articles, i have created more concrete goals and started planning on how to attain them especially investing.
    I hope you’ll live more years and help more people to be that are financially uneducated like me (before).
    Again, Happy Birthday! and God bless! πŸ™‚

  3. Happy Birthday po. Hehehe. Same month po pala tayo. Anyway, for me, you are an inspiration. This blog is an inspiration. I am still far far far away from my goals but I have started. I learned from you how to budget, save, and invest. What caught me most, was your goal of $1000 in your PC. And I am looking forward also to my own goal. Keep it up. And thank you for sharing your knowledge to someone like me. I am learning a lot.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for the financial knowledge that you shared.
    When I get a chance, I am always visiting your site (blogs) looking for tips.
    I would like you to know that I am following most of your tips and really happy with the output.
    I also have a copy of your book πŸ™‚
    I used to be an impulsive buyer. But now, I do practice frugality in order for me to save (Emergency fund) and invest through Pay yourself policy. 3 months emergency fund already achieved and started to invest though for now conservative mode only πŸ™‚
    Hope to learn more from you. God bless always!

  5. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz,

    Your blog has really helped me a lot. Because of your blog I have learned so much things. Every day I always check your website if you have a new blog posted. In short, I am already addicted to your blog. Hehehe.

    Thanks for being an inspiration to everyone. Gob bless you more!

  6. Happy birthday Sir Fitz!

    I do have 3 encounters with you-your blog, your book and your seminar with TGFI in Singapore. During that seminar, I was able to know myself better as an investor with the simple exercise you asked us to do. Most importantly in that seminar and reading your book as well, I was able to really plan my finances well. In what sense? Now, each investment I have will have it’s equivalent target or goal. Last time, i was investing and my targets are a bit fuzzy and are not specific. Now, every cent I invest I do set a target. Even holidays, gadgets and of course my future business and retirement. You also helped clarify my mind what life I would like to lead:)

    Happy birthday Sir Fitz! Cheers to happy investing! Cheers to life!

  7. Happy Birthday sir Flitz thank you so much for your blogs as i remember one of your blog that help me a lot to research about financial literacy and dream again. Im a fulltime mother but because of your blog i learn that i can do something better as a wife and a mother and i can help my husband to take care and manage the hard earn money . You inspired me a lot with your blog. Keep on sharing and God bless you with more wisdom.

  8. Happy Birthday Sir… Since I started reading Ready To Be Rich, I am now more focus on my priorities with my finances. I’m sure I will reach my goals thru your advices and your articles which really helps. More birthdays to come

  9. Let me express my warmest birthday greeting to you Fitz Villafuerte.

    It is my pleasure to read and follow your blogs. I learned important things in my personal finance and practical ideas on how to establish a sound financial conditon.
    I especially appreciate our exchange of messages on how to accomplish my specific financial goals. I was able to enhance my rudimentary understanding about finance and the deep rooted motivation why we have to be more responsible on this matter.

    I was able to reach my 2M net worth before my 26th birthday.
    And it keeps on increasing over time.
    I’m just starting and I need to learn alot.

    Once again, Happy Birthday and more power to you and your noble advocacy!

    All the Best!

  10. Happy Birthday Sir. I discovered this blog last year April. Upon reading after reading all the insights of money management, personal discipline, financial literacy, and all the good stuff about investing. I am now mindful of my personal finance and started gradual progress. Now, i am happy to say that from 20k of savings, (before i found this blog) to 250,000.00 worth of paper assets. My core values changed and it adds up that i also embrace a minimalist lifestyle, living less carbon footprint to the world, thus, adding and racking up my savings and investment. Thank you Sir Fitz!. I AM HUMBLED BY YOU.

  11. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz! Just starting to learn about financial literacy has led me into reading one of your blogs. And I tell you, I really learned a lot. Subscribing is even more better, receiving updates about new articles and stories of yours to read. Hoping that one day, I get to attend one of your seminars and meet you in person. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with regards to saving, investments and how to achieve a wealthy and abundant life. May God bless you even more for you to continuously help others.

  12. Happy birthday! I always read your blog…my day is not complete without reading an article from u. Fitz, I read first about Rich dad and poor dad and then I accidentally found your blog. Im a nurse by profession, and Im inspired by you and I also wanted to teach others about financial education and with all the articles that I have read from u, Im getting ready to becoming a wealth educator. I hopeto meet you someday. Have a happy day with your family!

  13. I am a newbie in your site but now I’m learning from your blogs, specially saving more money. And also learning
    how to invest. Thank you very much! And I greet u a Happy Birthday. I hope that you can help many people like me to make more income in their businesses in your many more days,months,years to come.

  14. Hi Birthday Sir! I’ve been your fan reading your blog since 2009. Because of your blog I have 2 Insurance since 2012, I’ve got pre owned lot nearby Philippine Arena, and I’ve Invested in EQUITY and PBAL at BDO, I have already my emergency fund and saving for my son its all because of you sir Fitz! Thank u so much for sir I dont need to spend cash to learn all of these. Yes I’ve got it all free from your blog. Once again thank u so much sir Fitz!

  15. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz.
    All I can say Thank you GOD for using this person, the one that guide me to my financial freedom from poor savings account to Investment in Stock Market, Building my Emergency fund, Rich savings account and near to become Entrepreneur.

    Like Jesus said “It’s better to give than to received”
    you’ve gave a lot that can never be taken from us sharing your “WISDOM”

    Keep your FAITH On!

  16. Sir Fitz,
    Happy birthday to you!
    I had started to read your blog since October last year and from that moment on,I never stop reading everyday until I finished all of it.And now, I am just waiting for every new topic that you post.
    Your blog served as trigger for me to think,study and understand the importance of Financial literacy.As of now,I had already started to apply the things which I learned from your Blog.From UITF to Stock market investing,I had already took the first step going to the financial freedom.I regret the past few years and once I asked myself,”Bakit ngayon ko lang nabasa ang Blog mo”?…Sana noon ko pa accidentally naopen yung Blog site mo..
    Anyway,I still had time perhaps,since I still work as an OFW at my age 30..
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge,inspiring, and for being an “eye-opener”, to other people.
    May God Bless you, sir Fitz!


  17. I got a copy of your book (and thankful that you signed it)! That plus your blogs, they made me more conscious of how I spend my money. The things I learned allowed me to go invest and spread out my hard earned “eggs in several baskets”, so to speak;)

    Happy birthday!

  18. Your blog and information you’ve shared with us was indeed a great inspiration to us your reader who wants to widen our knowledge about financial literacy. I wish that you will continue your financial advocacy for more years to come and help a lot people to become financially freedom. More power and Happy Birthday!

  19. Good Day Sir Fitz!

    I am Emy, an accountancy student. I really love the knowledge you shared to us. Thank you so much. I got the envelope system kind of saving from you and it made me appreciate more the money I have. I always tell my friends of good stuffs about how great are you as a blogger. I am very grateful.
    God bless you more abundantly.

    P.S.: Part of the money I save is for your book. HAPPY BIRTHDAY po!!!

  20. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz!
    I’ve read your blogs. I’ve met you, too. And i start investing.
    Thank you so much. I’ve learned much from you.

  21. Happy Birthday ! I learned many things in your blog such as investing. I also like the other topics and inspirational videos you are posting in your blog.
    Hoping to attend to your seminars. Keep us posted. Thanks .

  22. Happy B-Day Fitz! Learned a lot on this blog. You write simply and short, so very easy to understand. You write your own opinions on a topic, not just copy and paste someone else idea.

  23. Happy birthday, Sir fFitz and many more to come..! I learned from your blogs about stock market
    investing and how to acieve one’s goal….More ow and GOD BLESS!

  24. Happy birthday to you. I learned to check my emails everyday because of your blog.Its been 2 years since i started reading all your issued blogs and hoping it will continue more years. I can say that i gained financial literacy thru it and started investing and keeping emergency fund.Before i used to be an impulsive buyer but now I learned how to be frugal and not to procastinate in all my plans. Thanks for inspiring me and looking forward to learn more from you.I can say you are one of the best coach i ever had and reading books of Robert Kiyosaki compliments your actual life guide of advices.

  25. Happy Birthday, Fitz!
    What you’re doing in blogging is a gift to everyone. Keep it up.
    Your blogs helped me in stabilizing my mind and will to save up for my emergency fund. It’s kinda slow but I’m on my way there. And you’ve been consistent in your advises to all people you encounter to start saving emergency fund as a way to financial freedom. Thanks for being consistent.

  26. Happy birthday Γ°ΕΈΕ½β€š. Thank you 😊 so much for the many learning’s I acquired from your blogs. The informations are so helpful. Keep it up Γ°ΕΈβ€˜β€ ! God bless you and what you do..

  27. happy birthday sir fitz! wishing u more birthdays to come! πŸ™‚
    ill take this chance to thank u for your generosity on sharing with us ur financial and entrepreneurial knowledge. im a newbie in investing, and the very first seminar i have attended was the webinar you conducted on 20 Dec 2014 (stock market investing for beginners); i learned a lot. ive been reading books and a subscriber of a few financial blogs, and yours is one of my favourites πŸ™‚ by end of this month il be opening my COL account and buy my first stock πŸ™‚ thanks again sir fitz! God bless u more!

  28. A Blessed and Happy Birthday, Sir Fitz!
    It must have been a God’s gift for me that i stumbled upon your site, especially after my heart’s operation few months back. Your insights and stories gave me inspiration and guidance in achieving my financial goals. Also, to find other income stream, such as blogging have been one of the opportunities you impart on me. I hope i will be meeting you one of these days.
    May you continue to inspire and help others as you did to me.

  29. Happy b-day Sir Fitz. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. Your blog help me to focus on what really important matters in life. With your savings and investment tips, I believe that I can reach financial freedom 5 years from now.

  30. Happy Birthday to you, Sir Fitz!

    Thanks for being my online financial mentor. With your blog and your advises, I learned how to diversify my assets and investments. Having you is a blessing because I have known from you that to have financial freedom, we must not rely on single income alone. The “let your money work for you” phrase has gone a long way! I may not be there yet, but little by little, I believe I will attain it. Also, my day won’t be complete without reading your blog. Hope you won’t get tired of writing!

    Again,thank you so much. I wish you good health, happiness and more inspiration to write so many people will be touched.

    God bless and happy happy birthday!

  31. happy birthday sir fitz!..

    thanx a lot for sharing your intelligence!…
    grabee!!…nakaka inspire!..
    sana makapag attend ako ng seminar mo about on how to manage your hard earned money!…God Bless!..

  32. I am a regular follower of your blog for couple of years now. I had increased my financial knowledge. I learned the different investment strategies. It gives me an options where to spread my investments and learned new investment skills. You opened the door for me to know Mr Jon Orana who teaches internet business. Without your recommendation, I will not pursue my training with him. I rely and trust your information and recommendations. I can now retire with financial freedom…This is a big thing for me…Thanks and Happy Birthday…..More blessings to you and your family…

  33. Fitz, Happy Birthday!

    I have loved your ideas about network marketing. Sinabi mo sakin na kailangan mo talagang mag full time sa network marketing para maging passive income siya.

    Right now, I am seriously considering my resignation sa work dahil dyan. On the other hand, gusto ko rin patunayan sayo na mali ka at pwede kang umasenso sa network marketing habang nagwowork ka.

    Let us see. Watch out for my ideas in my blog.

  34. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz! I think this is the first personal finance blog that I’ve read. Since then, I began reading your blogs (and your book) because of the valuable lessons that I got from it. I have also learned to look on personal finance on a different perspective, not just the technical side but more of the behavioral side which I think is more important. thanks sir fitz!

  35. Happy birthday!
    Thanks for teaching me how to set my financial priorities. πŸ™‚ now im not stressed about money. Im on my way to financial freedom.

  36. Happy Mirthday Sir Fitz πŸ™‚
    I am very grateful that I attended one of your seminars in Manila and had the book I bought signed by you. It has opened my thinking how to achieve my financial goals more than what I was thinking and I find it easy to undestand. Thank you.
    I’m still in the process how to and to execute my first step and your book and my subscription to your blog post will be on top of my list for guidance in investing. More power to you and God bless. Sana, hindi ka mag-sasawa kung meron pa kaming questions and clarifications.

  37. Happy Birthday, Mr. Fitz!

    Your blog had helped and still helping me in my investing strategies and saving and earning money, to begin with. You posted my letter awhile back about them and to this date I still go back to it whenever I feel I am straying from my Financial goals.

    Thank you!

  38. Happy2 Birthday Sir Fitz.. Thank you for introducing Personal Finance to me. Because of your blog I learned a lot about investing and Financial Discipline. What’s even great is because of you I learned about IMG, where my knowledge about personal finance has deepened and became my Personal Advocacy. Doing IMG with your guidance written in your blog made me become an effective Financial Educator focus on helping our fellow Filipino Countrymen open their eyes in the world and importance of Personal Finance πŸ™‚

    Looking Forward for more guidance in doing our Advocacy!

    Thank You So much Sir Fitz! πŸ˜€

  39. Thank u, your blog serves as a wonderful guide to me and to others. im happy to say that your insights are very helpful to me. wish you all the best! Happy Birthday!

  40. Happy Birthday, Fitz!

    When I started reading your blog (which is never boring by the way), I realized my past mistakes when I attempted to invest in some businesses. Your entry about saving 6-9 months worth of your monthly salary as emergency fund, before investing to anything was my “aha” moment. I’ve learned my lesson, and with your continued guidance and generous tips, I’m sure I can become financially independent in no time. Keep motivating your readers to become financially better, and eventually free – through your writings. May God bless you with more healthy, happy years!

  41. Happy Birthday! Reading your blog indeed educates me alot regarding financial freedom. Hope you will continue your advocacy, so that many Filipinos will open their minds the in true meaning of being wealthy. More power to you.

  42. Hi Sir Fitz! Happy birthday!

    Through your blog, I found inspiration to pursue my love for blogging. I was one of your students last year and up to now, I am using the techniques you taught us.

    Again, happy birthday and have a great one!

  43. Hi Fritz Happy Birthday yes I too have learned a lot from your posts. Please continue with your passion. I also share this with my kids. Slowly and surely this will make a difference in our lives. Thanks and may you have many many more birthdays to cone.

  44. Hi Sir Fitz,

    Happy birthday!!

    Wish you long and healthy life and more blessings to come.

    Through you blog, it inspired me and boost my motivation to drive in a financial freedom. I learned a lot from your stories.

    Thank you sir for sharing.

    God bless you and more success!!

  45. My best wishes to you, Sir Fitz. Your blog led me to IMG and I’ve learned a lot. Continue yo be a blessing to others. Again, happy birthday. Thank you so much.

  46. Hi Fritz!! Happy birthday! πŸ™‚

    1. I forgot what the title of the article was but ever since I read that specific saving tip, I try to keep all the 5-peso coins that I get and put it into my piggy bank. It’s really a pink fat pig, by the way (hehe) and when I found out that my favorite foreign singer’s coming here to the PH, that’s the money I used! Felt like the concert ticket didn’t cost me anything.
    2. I learned about Forex for only 500php (which like you said was supposedly 2,500).
    3. From time to time I share your articles on facebook and it has always gotten several likes from my friends. They love your writing style as much as I do!! I need not explain what Emergency fund, UITF, etcetera means because I can just share your articles.
    4. I enrolled myself in BDO’s UITF Balanced and Equity funds.
    5. Additionally, I was able to hire someone from your other site, 199jobs.

    Keep blogging. RTBR has always been my go-to site whenever I have financial-related questions πŸ™‚

  47. It is indeed a blessing to be able to know you through one of the financial forums I joined. Your blog has been very helpful and effective eye-opener on how important it is to have discipline and right education to be able to achieve financial freedom. Reading your articles has built the confidence and determination in me to inspire my fellow OFWs about proper handling of our hard earned money. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz and may you continue to inspire Filipinos especially OFWs to become financially literate.

  48. Fitz, you and this blog have been a great blessing for me eversince I started reading it. Now, my financial goals are much clearer. Last year, I was able to save up and paid off some of my debts. This year, I just started investing excess cash. And i hope to be able to save up for my business. Thank you! Continue to be a blessing to others, Fitz. Happy Birthday!

  49. happy birthday Fitz!

    thanks to you, the behavioural mindset needed for the life of a freelancer and then eventually an entrepreneur has finally taken root in me, changing me slowly from within. It took a lot of time to develop, fraught with the misgivings of societal conditioning and of life as an armchair robot, but I’ve managed to finally step away from that life and I’m now making my venture as a startup founder and independent freelancer. I’ve learned so much since I started following your blog on personal finance and freelancing..

    Thanks again for being a huge voice and guiding light in the realm of pinoy personal finance! May you continue to grow and prosper in your craft, and may you be able to touch more lives and help more people than ever before!

    Mabuhay ka Fitz!

  50. I was able to know the importance of having a financial goal. Before, I used to save money, but didn’t know what do with it, so I ended up spending it on new gadgets. But now, I know savings can be turned into an emergency fund or can be invested in stocks/mutual funds etc. I now have a clear vision of where to put my extra money. Thanks!

  51. After reading several of your articles , I realized I really need to do something about my finances. Early last year, I made my very first investment via UITF. It wasn’t very much though, just baby steps towards financial freedom , but it sure made me feel good about myself. Thanks a lot for your help , keep the good articles coming and happy birthday πŸ™‚

  52. Happy birthday Sir Fitz!!! Having the opportunity to find your blog site made a deep impression to me not just about finances but in life as well that it was the time to change. You became a role model for me. I cannot be easily influenced by any person, unless their ideas made sense to me, and honestly you always did. Thank you! Keep it up Sir!

  53. the numbers never really interested me until one holy night my friends were discussing mutual funds, uitfs and insurances. the sites i have visited were foreign base and i was blessed enough to have found a Philippine-based blog which discusses these financial technicalities in simple terms (SALAMAT KAAYO! MARAMING SALAMAT! ARIGATO! XIEXIE! GRACIAS SIR!). since then i have religiously read your blog (and bought your book), got myself an insurance, was able to have my first trip abroad (2 countries in one trip) and kept on increasing my emergency fund. frugality, paying & rewarding yourself first, delayed gratitude, grit and time ~ we are always ready to be rich, its just the attitude and discipline that separates us from having a financially-worry-free & a happy life.

    YOU are a BLESSING to MANY! happy birthday Sir! πŸ˜€

  54. Happy Birthday Fitz! (yeah… I know it’s late but better late than never right?) Just arrived from travels and I am scrolling among hundreds of emails awaiting replies. I almost skip this request… but that would be ungrateful! Your blog is something that has become almost a habit to me. . . and your sincerity in helping people become financially independent is laudable— bless your good heart.

  55. Happy Birthday!

    You are an angel sent to us by God, your tireless effort in helping us become financially educated and independent is very noble in deed, lifting up our physical and mental well being and boosting our morals to a be good person embracing good life. May our dear God continue to bless you and your loved ones.

  56. Belated Happy Birthday I must say.

    Your blog has been our (my husband and I) one of the sources of must-read blogs to our journey to financial freedom. We are not yet there, but with your help we know we’ll get there sooner than we expect. Your posts gives us inspiration and push. Just recently, one of your post sent us the sign of affirmation for the kind of business we would start. We wish you well and continue doing what you do. We truly appreciate your effort in helping us(your readers) in turning our lives into a better one.

  57. Better late than never.

    Thank you Fritz, today I placed 20k in UITF, despite my reservations because the stock market was in a good roll these days, I was actually waiting for it to go down with the thought that I would get more units in exchange for my investment. BUT, this morning, I read your article “When is the best time to invest” and I did it.

    before 12:00 noon, I went to the nearest BDO branch despite not having the complete requirements. After two hours I was able to submit the missing documents and got my confirmation. I’ll get my COP next week.

  58. Belated happy birthday Sir Fitz. I’ve been a subscriber of your blog since 2011.

    I’ve been sharing what I learned from your blogs with my husband and it inspired and guided us in starting our own business last year. I used to be the head of the family which have put on a stress in our relationship, but now we’re both working on our business and I’ve been out of my 9 to 5 job for 6 months now. We’re still amazed and can’t believe it until now. This is the best thing that happened to us as we’ve been able to spend more time as a family, and of course we, as a couple, have a better relationship now.

    You don’t know how grateful I am that’s why I always recommend you to other people who wish to become financially independent too.

    May you have more power and success in your life. Cheers!

    Happy Valentine’s day too!!

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