Business Lessons From Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 Part 2

Updated: March 8, 2015

Please read the first half of this post at Business Lessons From Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 Part 1.

We now continue with the rest of the recipients of the Entrepreneur 10 Awards which was given last November 24, 2010 by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines.

I’ve already shared with you Myrna Bituin, Eduardo Cabantog, Carlos De Guzman, Mario Enriquez and Domingo Ferrer. Now for the last five awardees.

Ramon Floresta
He is the proprietor and General Manager of RNF Summit Industries – a multimillion-peso export company in Cotabato that started with only P50,000 startup capital. Imagine that!

What he has taught me: No matter where you are, there are business opportunities you can seize. And with proper planning and enough hard work, even the littlest capital can grow a thousand-fold.

Federico Moreno
He is the brainchild, and now President and CEO of Ystilo Salon Corp. – a salon he co-owns with sister-in-law and actress, Vina Morales.

What he has taught me: Before starting the company, he didn’t know anything about the salon industry nor about franchising. His success is proof that with motivation and focus, you can learn and achieve anything.

Nelson Par
He is the Chairman and President of PR Gaz Franchising Corp. – a company that offers turnkey franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to supply LPG in their area.

What he has taught me: Never underestimate the competitive edge of good customer service. People not only wants value for their money, but also to feel that they’re an important part of your business.

Rodrigo Rivera Sr.
He is the Chairman and CEO of RD Credit Corp. – a micro finance service company that lends to starting entrepreneurs, cooperatives and small unions in General Santos City.

What he has taught me: To be truly successful, an entrepreneur should learn how to provide value to the community. For it is only when you are able to provide value that income opportunities become long-term.

Elinor Roquel
She is the Managing Partner of MD Essentials Integrated Marketing – a below-the-line advertising agency that handles community-based health programs for multi-national companies.

What she has taught me: Social entrepreneurship is for everyone – it is not exclusive to NGO’s and volunteer groups. There is nothing better than having a successful business that helps other people and changes lives.

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