Find Your Strength In Love

Updated: February 12, 2021

“What’s your favorite Whitney Houston song?” asked a friend last night.

“It would have to be Greatest Love of All,” I answered. “How about you?”

“I guess mine would be One Moment In Time,” she answered. “Simply because that’s the song which won me first place in a singing contest in high school.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you used to sing back then,” I replied.

“How about you?” she quickly interrupted, obviously trying to avoid talking about her singing days. “Why is that your favorite Whitney Houston song?”

“Well, because the message of that song is one life lesson that I’ve always tried to live by,” I answered. “I believe that learning to love yourself is important and it is a necessary step in being able to grow as a person.”

If you hate your job, you can quit and find a new one. If you don’t like someone, you can stay away and avoid that person.

But what do you do if the person you don’t like is yourself?

You can’t quit and find another you, and you definitely can’t stay away and avoid yourself. The inescapable truth is that – you are stuck with yourself your whole life.

And that’s one big reason why you should learn to love yourself. But alas, loving one’s self is not always easy.

Our weaknesses and shortcomings, our wrong decisions and failures, our unlucky circumstances and regrets – they all contribute to our self-hate.

So what can you do to make loving yourself easier?

You start by accepting who you are. Love everything about you – the good and the bad. See and accept your flaws, and realize that you can always change for the better.

Stop overly criticizing yourself. Do not berate yourself when you make mistakes, because nobody is perfect. Be gentle, forgiving, and generous in always giving yourself another chance to do it right the next time.

Nurture positive thoughts. Make it a habit to celebrate the good in you. Acknowledge your best efforts and be grateful for the things you have accomplished in life.

Let go of worry. You cannot control everything that happens to you. When things seem to be getting out of hand, stay focused on what you can do and surrender the rest to the universe.

Be healthy and stay healthy. Kick away habits that hurt and limit yourself. Keep in mind that “your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own“.

Discover and follow your passion. Nurture your dreams. Honor your talents. Pursue excellence. Live the life you believe.

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