Five Things To Think About During The Lenten Break

Updated: April 13, 2022

It’s that time of the year again when we all take a breather for Lent.

It’s a great time to go out of town and get a change of scenery.

I also know that it’s a wonderful opportunity to just stay home, rest, and spend some quality time with family.

I’m going for the latter and choosing a “staycation” – because I like going to the beach in August, among other reasons.

In any case, during this Lenten break, wherever we choose to be and whatever we decide to do – there is one thing that we’ll all have – and that is free time.

Don’t give me an excuse that you’ll be busy, because I know you won’t be.

Or at the very least, I know you can afford an hour or so to be alone with yourself, with no worries and work pressure, within the next few days.

And that is why I’m encouraging you to use that free time and reflect upon these five questions and scenarios.

I’ve done this myself in the past and I can guarantee you that it will be one of the most insightful experiences you will have.

Think back to how you were five years ago and compare how much different your life is today.

Five years ago, what were your worries, your concerns, your problems? Five years ago, what were your priorities, your goals, your dreams? Are they still the same today?

Chances are, many of your problems and your dreams back then are no longer part of you today. Understand that people grow, and they should grow for the better.

If you see that nothing much has changed – that your problems are still the same and you’re nowhere nearer to your dreams, then ask yourself what have you been doing because you’ve just wasted five years of your life.

Promise yourself to make a change today.

Since you’re already in your past, try now to remember the last time you did something and failed miserably.

I value my failures, not because I’m a masochist, but because every time I look back, I always learn a new lesson for myself.

Your failures are not memories you bury deep in your subconscious; they are precious gems that you polish because they give and increase your value as a person.

From the past, let’s move to the immediate future and imagine if scientists suddenly announce that the world will end in December, how differently would you live the rest of the year?

Answer this question first before you read further; and I encourage you to imagine all the things you’ll continue doing and especially, all the things you’ll do instead.

This question, in my opinion, helps you realize what is truly important in your life.

Observe how most of the things you want the most today, like that new gadget or that elegant bag, aren’t as important when the world is about to end. Remember your answer here and use it as your motivation to live a better life.

Ask yourself right now, what job would you be willing to do for free?

Like the previous question, this one never fails to give me a sense of meaning. It is a great way to remind me what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

Giving yourself an honest answer not only presents a glimpse of your passions and interests, but it likewise serves as a gentle reminder that life is too short to stay stuck in a job that you hate.

Ask yourself, would you be willing to take an emotionally demanding job that will require you to work 15 hours every day for the next five years? The reward? You’ll be paid $1,000,000 after.

Yes, that’s a million dollars or roughly more than 42 million Philippine Pesos. Imagine that much money in exchange for your time freedom and possibly, your social life, for the next five years.

Would you do it?

I’ll answer this one after you share yours in the comments section below. 😀

For now, I’d like to end by sincerely wishing everyone a safe, restful, and blessed week ahead.

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  1. Two weeks ago i have come to terms with that kind of question and i only have 1 day to decide. I have a regular job and was thinking of taking an additional part time job. Fortunately i was immediately accepted and have to return the day after but the next 24 hours made me realized that additional income was not worth it. There is a thin line between greed and having just enough.

  2. Sir Fitz, thank you for these thought provoking questions. I want to share some of my answers, especially about looking back 5 years from now. When i was just 18 years old, i would’ve answered to the infamous question, what will you be 5 years into the future?

    -i’d be a millionaire
    -i’m physically fit and with abs
    -i have a car (nothing specific)
    -i travelled to different countries

    Some of these goals, im still working to get them, some of them i already did. But what strikes me is that these are some of the simplest questions, but they can mean a whole lot for any person’s future.

    For the last question, i won’t take the job, i’ll stick with what im doing now and inch closer every month or year towards my financial and life goals.


  3. it’s like missing the first 5 years of my growing 2.5month old son. No, i don’t think it’s not much worth it. That’s the same reason why I’m still here in the Philippines and not risking on the promise of better pay abroad. I think my pay here is enough and with that, i’m using it to make further income with the investment knowledge I had been accumulating the past years. 9 hrs work/day nga lang, nagrereklamo na ko eh. 🙂

    If I can make 5Million in 5 yrs, tapos naenjoy ko pa ang oras ko sa pamilya ko, and with enough rest din which the possibility of staying healthy for longer time compared dun sa 15 hrs per day work for the next 5yrs, e baka di ko na rin maenjoy yang 42M pesos after 5 yrs. Kilala ko sarili ko, I get easily stressed with emotions eh. Kung emotionally demanding job, baka bumagsak na lang ako isang beses. No, I won’t take it. (haba ng explanation ko na ata)

  4. Going back 5 years ago, I realized I have grown to be more confident, wiser even more patient. The job I got is what I love, the income is fair enough, the time rendered is manageable. And five years ago I would not be talking about investments , stocks , NAVPS – I am the sole person in the office who is now concerned about these things. I am still reaching out to help my colleagues improve lives without any fee.

  5. Nice post, man. About the last question… I might take it if:

    1. It’s a truly legal job
    2. It helps people legitimately
    3. It’s something that I love (or I honor the results that come from it)
    4. There’s no work on the weekends (so at least I can unwind and socialize) and there’s a 15 day vacation every year
    5. I still am single (if I were to have kids, then definitely, I will turn this job down)

    From my years of working, I’ve noticed that jobs get easier in the long run. You evolve and gain skills to meet the demands of your job. It may be emotionally taxing at the start, but you get used to it, nay, get to handle stress better (as long as you seek how to). You can always look at the brighter side of things, too (you’re gainfully employed and if you manage your funds well, you might be able to retire and live off interest). I’ve noticed that the more you complain about the conditions in your jobs, the worse the conditions get 🙂

    Btw, the 15 hour work hours will be okay, I guess. I’m a teacher who was also in grad school, so I’m used to those kinds of hours. People who are passionate about what they wouldn’t mind those hours (again, just as long the weekends are at least free).

  6. I’m beginning to like my job. But my problem is my co-worker who I try to ignore as much as possible. He is overbearing and meddlesome. How do you deal with such person? I think I have to accept the fact that the workplace is, in general, filled with all sorts of demons.

    My answer to your last question is NO. The reward is not worth it. Physically and emotionally, you’d be overworked, stressed, and prone to contracting work-related diseases . At present, I’m saving for my emergency fund in preparation for my resignation next year. I am planning to return to part time teaching and apply for various accreditations so that I can engage in public practice as an accountant. This way, I will have more time for myself, my family, and other important things I want to pursue.

  7. i need that 42 million pesos for my kids to live comfortably in the future..i can sacrifice that five years in exchange of retiring early and comfortably (i’m 35 years old now) which means i can retire at the age of to my present job that requires 60 years of age for an employee to retire, and how much is the retirement pay? I think more or less 1 million pesos..

  8. hi sir fitz,those questions are indeed worth ponderin’ about. thanks for that, it made me reflect at least once in my free time.

    regarding your question, i believe that the most important thing in this planet is balance. if i ever got the chance to earn 42M but will lose my health, my relationships and my fire for living, then i guess i’m losing everything. so in short, i’ll decline.

  9. If only I would be paid a part of the P42M every month, no doubt I’ll take that emotionally demanding job. The salary every month would be enough to inspire me or maybe pamper myself and my family to the max… or to park the money in a good investment so I could live on interest…Kaso after 5 years pa…That’s too long…Baka di ko na abutin iyon o di kaya’y ipambayad ko lang sa ospital at ipambili ng gamot… at kung may matira man eh baka hindi ko na rin ma-enjoy because of a serious illness…:(

  10. I grown a lot better than 5 years ago. And still growing and wanting for a more better life in the next 5 years.
    Working 15 hours a day is fine with me coz i am used to it. I just sleep 6 hours a day and the rest of my time are use to work for a better financial, physical and spiritual growth.

    I will take the challenge for that amount if given a chance. I will give 5 years of my life for that amounr than working for the rest of my life for a salary that can’t meet my dreams.

  11. You mentioned “emotionally demanding job”, in my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth it because of too much risk involve especially health condition and sacrificing “quality” time with my family. Remember, I will only be paid after five years and if that time comes, baka ibang tao o ospital na ang makinabang sa pera na un. 🙁

  12. Yes, I’ll do it, why not. I think our emotions can be educated naman. After that, I can retire and spend more time with my kids.

  13. 5 years ago.. i am dreaming of my own house, and now im still dreaming of it.
    5 years ago, i am aiming of having a baby, so i have.
    5 years ago.. i am dreaming good life.. and now, still dreaming of it..

    about the job offer.. oh yes i will absolutely accept that offer.. just imagine that millions everytime na masstress ka, for sure mawawala lahat ng stress mo.. hehehe.. seriously yes, for my family..

  14. I’ll add to my reply pala regarding what I wished 5 yrs ago and what happened now.

    5 yrs ago, i was dreaming of having a car, a house, a family, a baby. I have them all now. Thanks be to God.

    But yes, we’re still paying for our house. And currently, my wife and I are targetting to pay 40% of our total loan as we have the option to do it with our bank setup. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it by June.

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