How Business Ideas Become Awesome… or Otherwise

Updated: February 27, 2012

A successful entrepreneur is a sum of a lot of things.

Creativity and critical-thinking, focus and determination, passion and hard work – just to name a few.

But underneath all these qualities, there exists three belief systems that usually determine whether an entrepreneur will fail or succeed in the end.

Belief systems that cycle through the entrepreneur’s mind; which provides the fuel that moves him into action.

First is the entrepreneur’s belief that his idea is awesome; that he just thought of a product or service that could change the world.

Second is the entrepreneur’s belief in his own awesome capabilities; that he has the resources, skills and talents to turn that idea, a reality.

And the most important third, the belief of his loved ones that he is awesome; so that when things are looking down, there will be someone who will remind him that he can make it.

Examine the flowchart I made below and follow the journey of how a business idea becomes a successful reality; and how it sometimes end as a failed dream.

How Business Ideas Become Awesome

The flowchart above not only shows the importance of having these belief systems in your life if you want to pursue entrepreneurship… but also, it reminds us how our belief in others, can influence them to become a success in the end.

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  1. That is true Terry, and that is where your belief in your capabilities come in… so you will be able to find a venture capitalist that will be willing to invest in your awesome idea.

  2. Great article! I want to go so far as to say that BELIEF / SUCCESS MINDSET are the most important things to have if you want to be rich. Once you have those, everything else falls into place.

  3. Dare to fail but stay in the game. Try something new. If it fails, learn from it and try again. It would take grit to do this but that’s they way according to Seth Godin.

  4. So when it boils down to it…. it’s all about believing in yourself. What’s the saying? “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’ll always be right”

  5. Hi Fitz,

    The three ways you have mention – the first, second, and the third belief of an entrepreneur are indeed awesome, now that I knew that words coming from you,..very great and inspiring,.i want to be a good entrepreneur someday and somehow that’s why I told you before I keep on following your posts. Keep us and your readers and incoming readers inspired and motivated for moving on as we go along to be the front liner entrepreneurs on the world – maybe we can believe that we are one of the Filipino great entrepreneurs that we will be like Gokongwei, Tan, and the respect of others who knows….thanks very much.

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