It’s My Birthday Today and I’d Like To Ask For a Gift

Updated: January 24, 2013

I turn 36 today – now you know my age. πŸ˜›

As a birthday gift for myself, I went to Cebu last weekend and attended the Sinulog Festival.

I just came back to Manila yesterday, so forgive me if I have no recent posts.

And while I unpack my bags and attend to some important matters first, I’d like to ask you, my dear readers for a small favor – a simple gift which I wish to receive from you, for my birthday.


Can you share how Ready To Be Rich has helped you?

I really want to know the things you were able to do and achieve because of this blog, and please write them below, in the comments section.

This can be about anything – from entrepreneurship, to investments and finance; from goal setting, to productivity; from motivation and mindset, to inspiration.

The more concrete and specific, the better.

You can give actual numbers, i.e. “paid P100,000 worth of debts”, “saved P40,000 in a year”, “earned an extra P5,000 last month”, etc.

Or you can share actual goals you’ve achieved, i.e. “put up a sari-sari store business”, “learned how to invest in the stock market”, “became more productive at work”, “found a way to make money from my hobby”, etc.

I’m really curious to know how this blog has helped you – so please share your story.

That’s it and thanks in advance – looking forward to reading your testimonials below.

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  1. Had just discovered your site a few weeks back and have sifted through much of your articles on personal wealth, etc. I have to admit I had started late (I’m 33 now) and may not even begin to start with much of it until I’m 34-35 because of ultimately paying off debt and re-assessing where finances have been / are. Needless to say, your articles have given some reassurance that what I have been doing / plan to do is good and expectations are being set more. I am on my way to clearing a long-standing cc debt of 80-90k, then a few more months of paying-off a more minimal amount; afterwhich I look to firming up my 6-month emergency fund and diversifying and investing the rest in the next 18-24 months. Thanks for your gift!

  2. Happy morning Kuya Fitz,

    Maligayang 36th Birthday sa ‘yo! May our good Lord continue to shower you with blessings. I am very much thankful na napadpad ako sa blog mo almost 1.5 years ago (dko na matandaan ang exact date).

    Having your blog as part of my daily dose of surfing, I have learned to:
    – Invest 20%-35% of my income sa mga paper assets
    – Learn the importance of emergency funds (I’m still working on this na madagdagan to reach my target amount)
    – Learn that values and character are important to build trust and reputation (thanks sa mga inspirational tips mo)
    – Differentiate renting and having your own house
    – I started online business after getting inspired sa mga talks mo on online income

    ..and Lots more…!

    Keep inspiring millions of Filipinos, Kuya Fitz! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your celebration!

  3. Happy birthday sir!

    After reading your blog for two weeks now, I can say that I learned so much about personal finance. I haven’t really done anything yet (because I still don’t have access to banks in the Philippines) but my mindset, I think is so much different now. I revised our financial plan for the next 12 months and included emergency fund and a couple of UITFs to be opened once I get home. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad again and I understood it better than the first time I read it.

    Thanks to your blog. You are a gift from heaven πŸ™‚ Happy birthday again and more power to your blog.

  4. Thank you for giving me a boost. I started reading your blog way back 2009 when I was working with JP Morgan Chase. Right now I am an entrepreneur with a computer shop business and an online job. This is the literal advice that you gave me, when I asked you what to do since I don’t think I belong in the corporate world anymore. I even have a Sunlife insurance + balance fund & I invested in stock market as well with COL…I treated you as my financial adviser trough your blog, I took advantage of your brilliance and so with these thank you! and happy birthday to you…God bless you kuya Fitz! may the blessings continue to overflow your life…

  5. Happy Birthday, Fitz!

    Too bad I missed seeeing you during the Sinulog Mardi Gras!
    I was there too wandering and exploring the streets
    and really enjoying the festival!
    I am sort of a regular follower of your blog
    and would’ve really wanted to meet you in person!

    Your blog has helped me a lot!
    It works like a daily dose of financial vitamins. πŸ˜‰
    I turn to your site whenever i find the need
    for some encouragement in pursuing financial goals.

    I hope your generosity comes back to you a million fold.

  6. Happy Birthday Fritz! I have been reading your blogs for years now. I was previously an employee and learned about working online from you so for more than 2 years now I’m been working from home. I also get to start my investment portfolio i.e. COL and mutual funds.
    I learned to disciplined myself and became practical with spending.
    Your blogs really helped me a lot! Working smart but able to enjoy simple things!

    Thanks! More blessings to come your way…

  7. Happy Birthday Fritz! Started reading your blog less than year ago. It helped me get started in saving for my emergency fund and investing. As someone with less than two years of experience in working that time it helped me to be on the right track with proper stewardship of my finances.

  8. Happy birthday Fitz! God bless you today and always.

    I started reading your blog more than a year ago. I am into personal finance also and have a mutual fund and COL account and I would like to thank you and your blog for reinforcing my knowledge on this matter most especially on setting up one’s emergency fund.

    Thanks and more power!

  9. Happy Bday Fitz!

    I read started reading your blog when I realized I had to learn more about investments due to several bad investment decisions I’ve made in the past. I’ve lost a lot of money in these investments because I entered them with a poor mindset (get rich quick) and a lack of understanding of what I was getting into.

    With your blog, I learned the most important thing about INVESTMENT – HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND FIRST. I think this is very crucial because after my bad investments, of course, I lacked the funds I need to get by, so I had to go into some debts.

    Thankfully, now, I am able to pay off 75% of the debt. I’ve also been in more control of my finances for which I am very grateful of.

    I’ve also learned a lot about investments are I’m more confident now that the next time I invest, I am well informed and won’t repeat the same mistakes as the past.

    Thank you and keep inspiring more people! πŸ™‚

  10. Kuya Fitz! Happy Happy Birthday!!

    You helped me a lot in Budgeting! Even though we’ve haven’t talked for quite awhile, I still read your blog for budget and financial advice πŸ˜‰

    Your FOMO post was very enlightening and I was able to control myself with getting this droooling Nexus 4. To, date, I just bought an simple Android phone with functions that I really needed. I was able to save big time and di masakit sa monthly bill! πŸ˜‰

    And just recently, I also printed out some quotes from your “How to Change your Life” posted it on my To Do it Wall!! Now every day I can read it and it’s now moving me to the next level (be disciplined and focus)

    Again Kuya Fitz happy happy birthday. Sana magtravel ulet tayo dalawa. Namiss kita sa totoo lang.

  11. Happy Birthday Fitz. My birthday wish for you is for all of us to rightfully pronounce your name…not as fritz πŸ™‚

    Kidding aside, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Everytime that after reading your blog, I am also sharing this to my interested colleagues.

  12. Happy birthday Fitz!

    I learned more about UITFs from you, and last year, I made money (not much, but it’s a start) from BDO’s UITFs. I also started on my emergency fund, and got a couple of good VULs – Axa and Pru Life, as well.

    Thank you once again. Your blog has helped a lot of people, and I continue to promote it among my friends and colleagues.

  13. Happy birthday fritz!

    I started reading your blog last year, I considered your blog as my guide in the investment world. I follow everything you write here. from setting an emergency fund up to investing in the stock market. I already have a COL account today,I also have invested in BDO UTIF, Last year I had earned 30,000 from my BDO equity investment.

    Thank you so much fritz.. For sharing your knowledge.. It really help me and my family augment our income.

  14. P.s

    On all my investment I strictly followed your advice on peso cost averaging, wherein I invested a fix amount every month.

    May God bless you more fritz.

  15. Happy birthday, Sir Fitz!

    I have first read your blog May last year and now, it gave my life a complete 360-turn. I started following your tips on June and now I have a buffer fund worth 3 months of my expenses (I plan to add more to it as my goal is to have a buffer fund worth for a year) and I have also started with stock investing. I also started a blog for single moms who want to make ends meet. Just like you, I also want to pay it forward. =D

  16. hippie yippie birthday Kuya Fitz! Ive been reading your blog many years ago. I would say that your blog is my first introduction to personal finances prior to my formal attending at IMG Wealth Academy. Through your blog, I have achieved financial mindset and applied it. I have learned to tithes consistently 10%. I have saved and still saving for my KAISER (glad Im on my 4h year already of paying it). I already have my mutual fund too and term life insurance. And yes, still funding and adding that emergency funds too. And this year, Im opening another account for stock market, to put and save for a short term goal to get married someday, taking another risk. It’s better to prepare something big, right? πŸ™‚ Step by step. I am just an ordinary girl who is just working ordinary and I would consider this so far as my personal achievement. Thank you for your blog and motivation to achieve something. You are an inspiration. You did a great job. May God bless you more and all your endeavors. Happy birthday!

  17. * Bank hopping for time deposit savings
    * started to save for a time deposit saving
    * boosted to know more on UITFs

  18. Happy birthday, Sir Fitz!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on investing with us. From comment directed at my query, I sold the UITFs I bought initially using a big amount, then reinvested the money (plus earnings) to the same fund using the cost-averaging method. Truly, the emphasis you gave to the cost-averaging method has helped my investment strategy immensely.

    More power!

  19. Dear Fitz,
    Happy birthday! You’ve been my mentor ever since I came across your blog a year ago. Remember when I wrote you and asked your advice regarding the business me and my husband were about to take. We followed your advice and here we are – gladly managing our growing business. We even plan to branch out in the nearby town. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  20. Happy Birthday Sir!

    Reading your blog has now become a habit of mine and I always learn something/get inspired out of each article. Your blog has actually helped me in a lot of ways, given me ideas, I can’t mention them all, but I’d like to share 3 things that made great impact on me.

    First and foremost, your blog has helped me decide on how to save and manage my money. I got convinced to save on Emergency Funds first before putting my money in investment instruments, that way, when emergency comes, the money I invested will not be at stake. Since saving 3-6 months worth of my salary will take a while, what I did was I set a target amount first, and after I reached the targeted amount, I started splitting my money to emergency fund and investment fund, so that I can also start investing early and already feeling safe since I already have saved a reasonable amount in my emergency fund.

    Second, your blog introduced me to the different terms in the world of finance, such as mutual funds, uitf, bonds, stocks, forex, hedging, etc. explained briefly and in simple ways a beginner can understand.

    Lastly, it’s the motivation and proper mindset! Reading your articles would always remind me in my down and tempting times to only spend for what I need, delay gratification, as those impulse to buy are just spur of the moment that will vanish later on. I can now say that I’m now addicted to saving (just like you!) that not being able to do so will make me feel guilty. And for the first time, half of my 13th month pay went to my savings and investments. I’m so proud of what I did!

    Thank you sir! Keep inspiring others!

  21. happy birthday mr. fitz!!!

    thank you very much for everything. i invested 100,000 to BDO and another 150,000 to FAMI. not much, but i know that by using the cost-averaging method, i can reach my goals. =)

  22. Happy birthday Sir Fitz!

    You have helped me in so many ways, blogging, budgeting, awareness of foes and allies in my finances (and overall life) plus the encouragement of sharing financial education and lessons. πŸ™‚ thank you so much! Continue to become a blessing.


  23. Fritz Happy birthday!! and Pit Señor! cebu is very crowded and we haven’t bump to each other.
    anyway, i found your site last year and started reading it blog per blog. one of the most helpful blog u posted was “budget your money thru envelop method” though i did not fellow it literally, instead i used the excel file format, encode how much my net pay per payday, from there i list down my expenses including how much i wanted to save and of course deposit it right way. i also added some sheets to lists down the unexpected expenses incurred, my wants, my needs, my goals, my retirement savings, and so on…so Again, thank you…

    YOU ROCK! keep blogging! GOD SPEED!

  24. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz!

    I’ve just started reading your blog last Tuesday, I was on a search to how to invest my money when I found this blog. I’m grateful that I was able to come into this blog and it really inspire me a lot. Especially in mind setting. Now, I have a goal for my self, that is to have a financial freedom. I’m starting it now by having a concrete plan to save my money every pay day, as you say, pay your self first. And I’ll also be attending the free seminar of IMG this Saturday. I hope I could learn a lot from it. I know it is still a long journey to go for me, but with the help of God, right mind setting, goal, and of course with the help of people like you, I know and I believe I can reach my goal.

    Thanks Sir Fitz. Keep inspiring people.

  25. Yes Fitz it inspires me when reading your blogs and i really wanted to learn how to blog and where i can earn by blogging. I have business also like internet cafe but you know because of so many competent here, i am worry about daily income at least i have other sidelines to do to earn like online work like blogging or data encoding works. By reading your blogs i started to save and it really helps and i don’t need to borrow from a financing to add on to my existing business…Thanks so much to you and Happy Birthday and More Blessings to come…Afraid to start on stockmarket but i wanted to know also…
    Wish there’s real company that really helps for individual like me. Some are calling but i dont know them…Very Risky…Thanks again

  26. Happy birthday and thank you! I found a new source of income, and financial discipline had strenghtened. I saved more last year than on any other year. And it was a simple click on the internet search engine I stumble upon your link.

  27. Hi Fritz: Happy birthday to you! As a gift, I would like to thank you for getting me even more interested in getting my finances right. Many people around the world have a not-so-healthy relationship with money. Your blog has only affirmed what I have learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet. A new mentality is what we all need when treating money. God may be our provider, but we are the steward of his blessings. May he bless you tremendously this year and in the years to come.

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FITZ! This is one of the blogs I looove to read every single day. I always learn from you. I came across your blog just last month. You have helped me realize the value of saving. Now I have my emergency fund (How’s that for speed saving?) My next move will be low-risk investing. I am still learning the ropes eh. That’s why I am looking forward to more tips from you.

    Again, happy birthday! I wish you more blessings as you help increase the financial literary of your fellow Filipinos! God bless and More Power!

    May your tribe increase,
    Malou πŸ™‚

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FITZ! This is one of the blogs I looove to read every single day. I always learn from you. I came across your blog just last month. You have helped me realize the value of saving. Now I have my emergency fund (How’s that for speed saving?) My next move will be low-risk investing. I am still learning the ropes eh. That’s why I am looking forward to more tips from you.

    Again, happy birthday! Enjoy your day! I wish you more blessings as you help increase the financial literacy of your fellow Filipinos! God bless and More Power!

    May your tribe increase,
    Malou πŸ™‚

  30. Happy Birthday Sir Fritz! πŸ™‚
    I have started reading your articles last year August! It was simple yet so useful and helpful tools to rely on. I was able to start to invest in the stock market and able to handle my finances especially my expenses. I am now able to save more. πŸ™‚ Thank You so much! You’re a big blessing to everyone πŸ™‚ May you have a glorious birthday! πŸ™‚ God Bless and more power! Continue to inspire us! πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Fitz. happy birthday to you and I wish you all the best. I’m glad to discover your blog. It was suggested by a co worker. I like your blog because it inspires me to manage my finances. I am now more discipline and eager towards my goal. I’m just 26 and looking forward for my retirement years. I attended the IMG seminar in Makati and had a chance to talk to a personal finance coach. I am more aware now that planning is really important to achieve my money goals. Thanks again Fitz. Happy birthday to you and more power.

  32. When i finally decided to start my journey towards financial literacy and freedom, i came across your blog re stock investing, it helped me understand in layman’s term how to invest in stocks.
    Now i already opened an account with COL. thank you so much πŸ™‚
    and happy bday, pls continue helping and inspiring other people.

  33. just want you to know that i have been an avid reader all through the past couple of years. i believe in your beliefs and am hungry for learning though i may be much older than you are.

    i will not miss to greet you a happy birthday because in many ways you have touched me, in my mornings or before i go to sleep, in a most positive way.

    i wish you a happy and blessed life!

  34. Hi Fitz! Happy Birthday! I started reading your blog after a month and it was indeed influential. I’m always searching for articles which will tackle about financial management, and luckily, I found one, and that’s Ready to Be Rich! For now, I had established an emergency fund, attended IMG seminar which you have endorsed, and planning to invest in mutual funds and stocks, but have to study first the ins and outs of investing on those. Continue to share how you attain financial freedom so that more people will become better.. God bless and more power to R to-be R….:-)

  35. Happy Birthday Fitz, I’m your avid reader and follower since 2/3 years or more already. Every time I check my Yahoo email and found your email I always read it. Since then my mind set is change and I want to become entrepreneur and investor. I’m more on Forex trading although I loss twice but I still want to trade but for now I’m in demo account to learn more. I want also to put up my own foodcart business, I’m already experimenting recipe. I hope soon I will start it. Thank you and more power, may the good Lord Bless you more and Good Health

  36. Hello po,
    Happy happy birthday po,,,,,
    During my vacation last December sa Pinas, a friend of mine inform me about investing in papers……wala po akong kaalam alam kung ano po ito at higit sa lahat kung saan at paano mag simula…Nag browse po ako sa internet and then, napadpad ako dito sa blog nyo,,,for 2 weeks,i keep browsing your blog,dito ko nabasa at paulit ulit na binabasa nga tips nyo,,,nga paliwanag step by step,..Its a great help po for me,,,,esp po kung paano mag save,.now, im waiting my EIPapplcation na ma-approvahan……..
    So much thanks po sa inyo and GOD BLESS! More posting pa po sana about mutual funds and tips po,,,,..MORE POWER AND

  37. Dear Fritz,

    Thank you so much for your blog and talent. I read your blog last year and you saved me and my husband for losing more money when we signed up for a life/savings insurance in a bank here in abroad. We are both ofws and we almost tied up our monthly savings for 5 yrs without really understanding all the terms and conditions and probably the risks if we cannot continue for 5 yrs. We lost 60K(30k each) plus pesos when I decided to terminate our contract with the bank. It was a costly lesson but a life changing experience for us.

    Your tips have helped us recover our losses faster and now we already have 6 months worth of emergency funds and a bond fund with another bank. I’m currently studying forex and researching other investments offered by our local banks. Your blog has given me direction in terms of managing our finances.

    Please continue to inspire others in achieving their financial goals.

    Thank you and Happy birthday sir Fitz! God Bless.

  38. Sir:
    Because of your article/blog, i am now more focus on my objectives/goals. Thank you and more power, GOD Bless you and many more Birthdays to come.

  39. happy birthday sir fitz!!

    i wish you good health and the best of life!

    I started reading your blog last month coz i’ve been searching on investments and business. on your blog. i came to know IMG and became a member and opened a kaiser account as well. I was also able to attend the forex crash course by Mark So. Im really grateful for all the information and knowledge that you’re sharing to us, your readers. You are a blessing!!
    Happy Birthday and may god bless you more!!

  40. Your site has been very useful man. I really learned a lot from you. Please keep it up.

    Thank you and happy Birthday!

  41. Hi Fitz. Happy birthday! (ayan, di na kita tinawag na sir ha. πŸ™‚ hehehe).

    I really learned a lot from your site. I shared it to some friends and a lot of them had gained from your shared knowledge as well. Some of them opened their citisec accounts, got their insurances opened, etc.

    For me, here’s what I did in the past year based on what I learned primarily from your site:

    1. I learned about the importance of having an emergency fund first before venturing into other investments. My wife and I worked on it and we divided our salaries to create that emergency fund. I pay for almost every expenses we have monthly (house loan payment, groceries, daily allowance, etc) and her part is for our utilities (electricity, water, etc) then most of her salary goes to our emergency fund.
    2. My wife increased her monthly savings loan (cooperative) contribution at their company which gives a relatively big interest (6%) and dividend.
    3. I also learned about the importance of having an insurance especially for a dad like me. My wife gave birth to our son last year. Then I also opened my VUL fund that year. At least, I now have a peace of mind that whatever happens to me in the future, my family will get something to keep them moving in their future. And if I ever live to see my retirement years, my VUL fund will be there to give me some cushion to live independently when that time comes.
    4. We opened a bank account for our kid from the money he received on his baptismal, last Christmas and on his first birthday last week. We will be putting up part of it also on a short term TD which will earn him 2+ percent in 30 days.
    5. And most importantly, the life lessons I learned from your shared life experiences which helped me view my own in a more positive and lively way.

    Happy birthday again Fitz. I wish you more birthdays to come that you’ll live that long to be able to help millions and millions of Filipinos more becoming financially literate. God bless you more.

  42. Hello Kuya Fitz,

    Happy birthday! I started reading your blog last year and your post explaining what stock market is all about inspired me to also start investing. So with my meager earnings i am saving part of it for my forex investment, although i still have to invest, i noticed i was able to save and saving has become a habit.

  43. I am one big fan! I am proud to say, thou i still have very small savings now, but debt free! I was able to put up my photography biz bec of the motivation and inspiration from you Fitz. Also, my baby blogsite. Maraming salamat talaga! Masaya ako may kaibigan ako katulad mo. Pagpalain ka ng Diyos sa araw na ito! C:

  44. Happy happy birthday Fitz!

    -I learned from your blog the importance of emergency fund. Never heard of such thing until I read your article. Thus, I made an effort to build one and continuosly doing so.
    -I also learned to try different investment tools like balance funds and stock market.
    -And most importantly, I became more concious with my financial status and be more investment savvy.

    Thank you so much for your unselfish time and effort to help us help ourselves too! May your tribe increase! God bless you!

  45. Hi Fitz,

    I suppose I can say that “we started blogging at the same time”…the year when only few Filipinos care to read online articles. No FB, no Twitter…at least for Pinoys, and bloggers read each other’s blogs via Entrecard #nostalgia πŸ™‚

    And although I have already stopped blogging, I still take time to read some of your articles and find them not only very informative but have motivated me as well, especially all your money-saving tips.

    Through the years, you have not lost that magical appeal on explaining complicated money matters using a “pang-masa” approach, making them so easy to understand.

    Happy Birthday, Idol! GOD Bless!!!

  46. Happy Birthday Fitz! I’ve been reading your blog since last year. I have learned a lot about saving and investing. You have helped me a lot. I never miss a week without checking your website for blogs. I am more into reading your blogs about investing. Do continue your blog. God bless.

  47. Happy birthday sir Fitz! Im one of your avid reader since 2009 and since 2009 ive started my own business. Sobrang dami ko natutunan with this site which ive applied on my business now nakapag expand na ako and business is doing very well now after 3 years kumuha narin ako ng insurance for myself and for my son since im single mom which also ive learned from this blog. Sir Fitz thanks for motivating and inspiring us! Happy Birthday po uli! =)

  48. happy 36th birthday po! your blogged has inspired me to save more and be practical. now i am more inspired to look for a work so that i will be able to budget more money. kudos to you! may you continue to inspire us more. God bless πŸ™‚

  49. Dear Fritz,

    Discovering your blog is one of the best things that happened to me last year when I was trying to learn how to invest in the stock market. I religiously read your blogs as they come to my inbox and they serve as a continous inspiration for me. Some of the methods that I was able to adopt is the the Excel sheet on the peso-cost averaging method that you published. Do you know that I was able to earn 130,000 in just 4 month on stocks? These are locked-in profits. Wow, i never thought that I would make that much! I would like to thank you for all what you are doing Fritz. May you have more birthdays to come so you can continue to help other people! You are so generous. If people can be cloned, I would like to clone you million times!

    Happy happy birthday and may God bless you always!

  50. Happy Birthday Fitz! May you be showered with many more blessings and good health.

    I’ve been wanting to invest in the stock market but didn’t know where to start and to be honest others materials I found online were too technical.

    Through your blog, I have just started investing in stocks at citisec with the 5K start and an EIP on equity fund at BDO.

    Big thanks to you!

  51. hello there fitz!
    happy birthday from Baguio!!!
    I love ur blog! ur the first filipino blogger na talagang tinutukan q ung blog posts…i nearly read everything in just 2 days…grabe nilaos mu ung fave blog ko na mustache and moneyning…i was having a hard time trying to compare PF blog contents outside Phil then I saw ur blog and I just went crazy reading everything in it..
    I finally signed up w/ Kaiser as my personal healthcare provider aside from company provided health coverage and even contacted Dr. Lorenzo for it.. (my fiancee was so worried abt communicating online for such matters but he was appeased when i told him that it was well recommended by various bloggers and investors like u.)
    thanks a lot!

  52. Feliz Cumpleaños. (Happy Birth Day) in Spanish. I am a guatemalan so pleas be patiant with some misspellings. Thanks to the grathe blog. I start to read your material since a jun after i was hopitaliced…( long story) which it was like a wake up call for me. I asked my self… i have been working for almost 15 years and i do not have any savings nor investment except a college insurance for my dauther?? I said i have to do something about this. So, when we know what we want we send those vibrating waves to attract that of what we want. Like ispirational writers alwasy tell. So i found your blog… It have helped me with several things:. 1. helped me to be literate about personal finance. 2. it challenged me to learn about investment. 3… I have started to invest last novenber 19. 4 Helped me to be more focused on my dreams and stay always opened to new ideas that are around.5. I have started to read more about Financial Freedom.
    Muchos saludos. Felicitaciones. ( greetings and caratulacions)

  53. Happy birthday, Fitz! πŸ™‚

    I learned about your blog from a friend who reads through (and absorbs) each of your posts. I have to admit that I am not into reading financial advise at first, so my friend very patiently explained the concepts and tips he was able to read up. Never a day would go by without what I now call “the financial gospel reading and homily session.” (please forgive the Catholic analogy)

    He has been tutoring me financially for a couple of years now. I have paid off all my credit card debts, worth more than a hundred thousand pesos, in 2011. I am halfway through building my emergency fund as of December 2012. I’m currently trying my hand in mutual fund. Most importantly, I am able to continuously manage my spending according to a set budget. It takes a lot of disciplined-head-shaking-no, but it’s worth the peace of mind that at the end of the month I know that there’s no credit card bill to cry over.

    You have been instrumental in building my financial confidence. Your generosity, as attested by the flooding of comments, will surely come back a thousand, thousand fold. Thank you for being a blessing to us. More power to you! πŸ˜€

  54. After most of your posts I have been encouraged to save and invest my money., I managed to build up my emergency fund worth 5-6 months of my monthly salary., simultaneously i started investing for my retirement last december., I was able to build up a month worth of my salary and 40 percent of my christmas receivables., now, I am trying to share the little knowledge that I have to some of my family members., so thank you and more power., and oh, happy birthday πŸ™‚

  55. continuation…

    And I forgot to mention on my earlier reply, that I started blogging because your site encouraged me very much to do what I wanted to do and to stop procrastinating. πŸ™‚

  56. Belated Happy birthday, Fitz!

    Thanks to you I’m much more driven; I don’t feel as apathetic anymore.

    Before, I could save. But the only point was to splurge it on something. And the only point of having a job was so I can save a little for retirement. But I felt hopeless; unless I got a ridiculously large raise there was no way I could save up enough to sustain my retirement.

    Now, I save and it’s for a purpose. I hold my job so I can fund earn and raise capital and start a business someday. I invest heavily also, to augment my savings. Instead of splurging my savings on luxuries, I pay for them through the returns on my investments.

    Before I didn’t even know who I could ask about stocks. Now I’m making money through it.

    Before most of my time was spent on chick-watching and sports. Now I read the news and articles on economics and finance. Well ok, so it’s not all good, but nobody’s perfect, right? πŸ˜€

  57. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz!

    I started to read your articles since 2009, kasi di po mahirap intindihin. I must say that every time I’m down, I find myself scrolling sa mga blogs mo.
    I really want to be debt free, and as of now, I’m using your the Snowball Method at nakapa-cut na po ako ng cc. Nakapag-open na rin po ako ng bank accounts for my 3 kids.
    I know malayo pa po ang aking lalakbayin, but with you as my inspiration, very hopeful po ako na someday I’ll be debt free.
    Thank you for the beautiful posts, and God Bless you more.

  58. Hello Sir Fitz,

    After reading this post, I immediately checked my local folders for the exact date ko nakita yung blog mo. It was November 28, 2010.

    Now eto mga na complete ko as of Jan 2013:
    – Created my 4 months emergency funds
    – house rental business
    – small lending business
    – online income
    – involved in GPRS (my successful MLM) thanks sa mga inspirational and motivational post mo. Malaking tulong po yun kung bakit na achieve ko ang target ko sa MLM na ‘to. Dito ko natikman yung sabi mo sa isang post na bayad ka habang natutulog or while nag bakasyon ka. Ang sarap pala..heheh..

    PS: eto po blog ko

    Until now, palaging nag-aabang sa mga latest posts mo.
    Thank you very much and belated happy birthday.


  59. Hi Fitz,

    Hapi B-day! What I’ve learned from this site is about portfolio allocation/diversification. Before mine used to be all in just one basket, now I’m scattering them in different asset classes. Thanks and More Power to You.

  60. Hi Fitz,

    Feliz Compleaños! I have been an avid reader of your blog for the past two years now. Your thoughts, ideas and insights inspire to better prepare myself for the future and that is to aim financial freedom.
    It may not be absolute but enough to meets my goals and expectations.

    Keep it up Bro Fitz, you continually help people in a lot of ways.
    God Bless.

  61. Happy Birthday!

    After a year of reading your blog, so far these were what I have done:

    *built emergency funds individually for myself, my wife and my 1 yr old son through a cooperative bank
    *got automatic debit for UITF through BDO for my wife and myself
    *got company foreign stocks (dollar) through Fidelity and PSE stocks through Citiseconline
    *got an educational loan for my son, St Peter Plan for myself, life insurance for me and my wife
    *paid off 2 bank loans and credit card debt will be paid by July
    *encouraged wife and colleagues to read your blog

    Our heartfelt gratitude from Cebu City!

  62. Hi Fitz!

    Happy birthday! I started reading your blog & learned how to invest on stockmarket and mutual funds late 2011 before having my first job ever last year Feb 2012. Now Instead buying things like phone, tablet, shoes, bike and all the stuff that I want after getting my first paycheck, I decided to invest it and do it on a regular basis. Now I have P200,000++ (& growing) worth of paper assets. Thanks Fitz! keep it goin’. As always good job.

    Planning to retire at 40. Hopefully!

  63. Hi! I would like to greet you a happy happy birthday and as a birthday gift for you. I am writing my very first comment here in your site. It’s been 6 mos since I start reading your articles and it inspires me alot. Your articles are my inspiration that someday I will be financially free. At the end of the year I promised myself that I will save and invest. Learning from your advises day by day Now, I have changed our lightning in the house! its all LED now and I really saved a lot in the our electric bill and coming. I have invested in mutual fund recently and little by little saving for emergency. thank you so much for educating me on things I dont know before until I started reading your articles. πŸ™‚ God bless and surely you will inspire not only me but a lot more people.

  64. hi fitz! Happy 36th Birthday! your blogs are really2 helpful to me especially in matters of saving money and paying my debts one at a time…. in time i know i’d be able to invest extra money that’s why i bookmarked some of your posts which i know i could use someday soon… May u always be a blessing to others like me… Pay it forward. Godbless!

  65. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories.

    Pinataba ninyo ang puso ko. πŸ˜€

    Rest assured, I’ll do my best to write more posts that can help all of us to achieve financial freedom.

    Cheers to everyone!

  66. Sir, Happy Birthday! I learned from you is your down to earth attitude, dedication in helping spreading this financial literacy, patience in learning things, doing everything what you yourself spreading and best of all, GENEROUS in giving PRICELESS information on how we could improve our LIVES not just only FINANCIAL but in almost areas of our life.
    As for your blogs, I gain a lot from your mutual fund, saving tips, inspiration from TED, EXPO exhibit, and nice seminars like FOREX, IMG and join it at a discount.
    Thank you and hoping and wishing you keep continue what you are doing.

  67. Sir, Happy Birthday! I learned from you is your down to earth attitude, dedication in helping spreading this financial literacy, patience in learning things, doing everything what you yourself spreading and best of all, GENEROUS in giving PRICELESS information on how we could improve our LIVES not just only FINANCIAL but in almost areas of our life.
    As for your blogs, I gain a lot from your mutual fund, saving tips, inspiration from TED, EXPO exhibit, and nice seminars like FOREX, IMG and join it at a discount.
    Thank you and hoping and wishing you keep continue what you are doing.
    God Bless!

  68. Hi Fitz! Belated happy birthday! I chanced upon your blog last 2009 and since then I have been an avid reader. I followed your advice on starting an emergency fund and I have reached a hundred PHP so far. I am trying to reach the goal you mentioned, 6 months’ expenses or 3 month’s basic salary. I’m really glad and grateful for your blogs. Your write-ups are so motivating. I hope to start enrolling in a mutual fund soon. Wish me luck!

    Hope your birthday wish was granted.


  69. Hi Sir Fitz,

    Belated happy birthday! I owe all of my financial progress to you and your site. I have paid off 1 of my credit card debts and now I’m slowly getting rid of my credit card debts.
    I now have an Emergency Fund and have started investing in Mutual Fund.
    This is from someone who had absolutely no savings and used to live from paycheck to paycheck.
    Thank you for all your motivation and for sharing financial literacy to us. Know that you have helped people in several ways for every post that you make.
    Thanks again!

  70. Hi Fitz,
    ready to be rich has helped me learn how to invest in the stock market. your site helped me a lot on improving my financial literacy. your blogs opened doors for me to attend seminars which opened more doors for me to acquire more knowledge and broaden my connection with the people I meet in those seminars. Thank you very much. God bless you.

  71. Happy birthday sir. You deserve it to be happy because of helping a lot of people from different walks of life. I don’t want to mention how you had helped me but you did, especially on financial matters. I did not achieve these things if without learning from you – this blog. God bless you always.

  72. i was an avid fan/reader of your blog sir fitz, and to name a few benefits, because of your blog i have awaken my interest in investing, and learned to invest in Phil. stock market. now sitting in 33% realized gains in ave for the past 2 years. and also have learn alot of things about financial literacy and i know im on my way to my dreams. in fact, i named my son fitz euro. his first name after yours. he is now 2 years old. May Gods favor be upon u as u bless more people thru this blog.

  73. I privately asked you for advice on how to deal with debt and you replied very generously. That is how you helped me. Happy birthday Fitz and more power to you so you can continue on helping people!

  74. I started reading RTB in the office more than one year ago, when I started to feel bored of my desk job. your blog helped me gain more knowledge on Forex and e-Commerce, and get to know the cool pinoy entrepreneurs of our country. reading your articles is like investing in knowledge, in myself for free. I also got to know more about myself – the kind of investor I want to be 5-10 years from now.

    Belated happy birthday Fitz!

  75. @ikaela – indeed Fitz always finds the time to reply to his readers’ questions. Hindi siya madamot magshare ng kanyang kaalaman which raises awareness and confidence in so many ways.

  76. Hi Sir!

    This maybe late but I would like to greet you a Belated Happy Birthday! Through your blog I learned about BDO’s UITF and have been one of their investors since 2011. Also, because of your blog I learned about COL’s EIP and had been attending their seminars since 2011, last year my husband and I became one of their investors.

    Also last October, we we’re able to attend Mark So’s Introduction to Forex Investing also because of your blog. And last but not the least, I was able to avail of IMG’s free(series 1 & 2)seminars about Personal Finance. I am always looking forward to learning new things regarding Personal Finance and your blog has been a great help for me.

    Keep Up the good work and may your blog be always a source of inspiration for people who are on their journey towards Financial Freedom.

  77. God bless you financial angel sir Fitz… i discovered your blog like 3 weeks ago ang been reading and I PMed u a few weeks ago. ur first advise was to create an EF hehe hope u would inspire and educate more Filipinos!!! More blessings for a generous guy like u (although its too late to wish for u on ur bday) πŸ˜€ Infinite blessings from above sir!

  78. Sir Fitz,

    Belated Happy Birthday! (Better to be late than never:) ) anyway as I read all the comments that was posted here i know youve done so much with your age. Youve helped alot of people including me in reaching our financial goals. I cant count how many of your advise ive followed. So I would like to thank you for the things that youve done for us. You’re a blessing to us.

    Stay safe and more power to you.

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