Phishing Scams in Plain English

Updated: September 14, 2011

A friend called me the other day, asking me how to verify his Paypal account.

I was surprised because I’ve already helped him verify his Paypal account more than a year ago and it’s something you really need to do only once. So I asked him why he needs to verify it again.

He says that he just received an email from Paypal that his account has been deactivated and he needs to verify it.

Sensing that something is terribly wrong, I told him to ignore the email, carefully avoiding not to click any links within, and go directly to Paypal by typing the address himself on his browser.

I told him to log-in to his account and check if a similar message will appear. If not, then he should just immediately change his Paypal password and delete the email he just received.

Fortunately, when he logged-in, there were no warning messages and his account is still active, verified and more importantly, secure. After he changed his password, I made him watch this video below.

Entitled, “Phishing Scams in Plain English”, this video is your quick guide to understanding what has just happened to my friend.

I hope you found this video helpful and informative. Remember to always stay safe and secure online.

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  1. Thanks for the informative post fitz. Same here I always receive emails from those phishing guys who ask me to verify my paypal password nor reset my password because my paypal is compromised, I just delete the email and log in to my paypal account by typing the paypal web address directly to my browser..

  2. by the way, congratulations for being part of the list of the Most Influential People in Personal Finance in Money Sense Magazine!

    it was my first time to buy moneysense magazine and you are there. kakatuwa!

  3. Yes, you’re still vulnerable to phishing scams. And it’s always best to have your Paypal account verified so it will be easier for Paypal to handle your case and reverse transactions if ever this happens.

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