Steps To Financial Peace: A Seminar For Those Who Seek More Than Just Wealth

Updated: July 25, 2011

Money can’t buy happiness – that’s true.

But I also believe that happiness is easier to find if you have money.


Because if you’re living your life without financial worries, then you can focus more on pursuing your personal dreams, you can spend more time with your loved ones and you are more empowered to help others.

And speaking as someone who was lost and in turmoil many years ago, I can say that achieving financial peace has been one of the best things that has happened to me.

And in this vein, I would like to now inform and invite everyone to this seminar called, “Steps to Financial Peace“.

It will have my friend, Randell Tiongson as the Chief Speaker. He’s the Director of the Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines and a fellow advocate of personal finance.

Speaking with him will be Francis Kong, Paulo Tibig and Jayson Lo. I’m personally excited to hear Francis Kong again because I really enjoyed his talk last year when I attended the Disciplines of Breakthrough Entrepreneurs seminar.

This event will be on August 12, from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM at the Teatrino Mini-Theater, Promenade Mall, Greenhills Commercial Center in San Juan, Metro Manila.

The fee to attend this is P2,500 but if you’re three or more, you can get it for only P2,000 each. Also, there’s an early bird rate of P1,800 if you register on or before July 29th – that’s Friday next week.

For those who are interested to attend or if you have any inquiries regarding the event, then please send an email to Ms. Jennifer Ignacio at or text her at 0927.9631376


Randell was also kind enough to give me two tickets to this event, which I will be giving away to two people who would give me the best answers to the question:

What does it mean to have financial peace?

To enter, just leave your answer to the question on the comments section below on or before July 24, Sunday, 11:59 PM. Entries posted after that will no longer be considered.

When submitting your answer, be sure to type in your full name and use your primary email when filling out the form. Your email address will not be seen by others and I will not use them for any other purpose than to contact you when you win.

Also, you can leave as many answers as you want, but please don’t submit the same answer multiple times. Keep in mind that the comments section is moderated and your answer will most likely not appear until I approve them.

On Monday, July 25th, I will announce the TWO WINNERS who will get to attend the “Steps to Financial Peace” seminar for FREE.

So get ready with your best answers and try to win those free tickets! 😀

Thank you to everyone who gave their answers below. The two people who will get a free ticket each to this event are:

  • Louise Anne Chan: “It’s having a soft pillow to land on when life brings you to your knees.”
  • Erwin Carlos: “It is a stage where one is confident that he will be resilient during times of adversities.”

Kindly expect an email from me regarding how you can claim your ticket.

To everyone else, do note that there’s an early bird rate of P1,800 if you register for this event before Friday, July 29.

However, to show my appreciation for joining… I’d like to announce that you will all be entitled to a P500 discount on the regular rate after July 29. This means that after the early bird promo, you can buy the ticket at only P2,000 each (no minimum, you get the discount even if you’re buying just one ticket).

All those interested to avail of this special discount can just send me an email through my contact form here.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated. I wish you all well in your pursuit of financial peace.

Lastly, don’t worry if you can’t attend because you don’t have the budget, you’re not available on the date, or if you’re not in Metro Manila. That’s because I will surely write about it here.

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  1. Financial peace means having to wake up each day without having to worry about where to get the money but how to spend it, wisely of course.

  2. Financial Peace – simply means you can live happily without worrying financial today, and tomorrow. And therefore, can live happily without thinking of anything regarding money. Can live with with your love ones and spend more time with them rather than spending time in looking for financial. Can help other people especially the poorest of the poor without sacrificing your own budget. And most importantly, financial peace can make oneself focused, stable and no more sleepless nights of thinking where to get those money for debts, necessities of your family and self, education of children and many other things. In short, financial peace is achieving complete stability & full happiness.

  3. Financial peace is knowing that money abounds in many forms and no matter how much money there is, each centavo spent wisely allows for basic comfort now, a secure tomorrow, and a happy heart that reaches out and makes a difference to others and the world.

  4. Financial peace is not having to worry for tomorrow’s kick in the shins because you know that the finances you currently have will suffice for the basic needs of your family plus well kept funds for emergencies that may arise and a little bit of luxury as an added bonus. It’s having a soft pillow to land on when life brings you to your knees.

  5. Financial peace is having the time and freedom to do the things you love, to be with the people that matter most and to help others experience heaven on earth – all of which, in essence, are the true treasures in life.

  6. I think for me the answer to the question, ” what does it mean to have financial peace?” is simply never having to worry where your next meal would come from. Meaning you don’t have to live on a hand to mouth existence and would be able to enjoy today without worrying too much about tomorrow.

  7. Financial peace is when you live wisely,spend wisely,give tights regularly, give freely, debts free and prepared economically when dissaster, calamity, and crisis comes.

  8. I’m glad you’ll write about it here. 🙂 Because I am not from Manila and I don’t have the time but I would definitely want to know more about it. Thanks for all your posts by the way. I’ve subscribed and I read every post as they reach my email. 🙂

  9. Having financial peace is having the luxury to spend quality time with your love ones.

  10. Dear Sir Fitz,

    Thank you sir for your entrepreneural lessons, you inspired, guided and giving us courage to enter into a business world.
    By the way, To have Financial Peace is a step by step process we cannot jump into conclusion, It is a matter of sacrifices,discipline, living below our means, start saving at an early age, invest, acquire passive income, and when our thought is comfortable enough it’s time for pay back, like extending financial help for those less fortunate and continue sharing to everyone how we achieved to have financial peace.


  11. Hi Fitz –

    Here’s one:

    Financial Peace is a sense of fulfillment. It is a state in which one’s mind is “almost” free of uncertainties that the future may beget. It is a stage where one is confident that he will be resilient during times of adversities. Reaching this pinnacle requires time, discipline, perseverance, and a courageous heart.

  12. What does it mean to have financial peace?

    For me, to have the above:

    2. Free yourself from all debt;
    3. Have an emergency fund equal to six month’s expenses;
    4. Increase income;
    5. Get protection i.e. insurance
    6. Create a Retirement fund saving 20% of your monthly income
    7. Create passive income thru businesses and investments and the last but the most important-
    1. Give your tithes faithfully, not from the net but from the gross. You cannot attain the financial peace apart from God’s will.

  13. Thanks for this project, this is what people should know! What does it mean to have financial peace?

    For me Financial peace is FREEDOM from everything! It is a financial freedom where a person don’t need to work anymore all his/her life, because everything is delegated to people he trust to handle properties and money! and I call them Wealthy! Wealthy people enjoy life, help and care people around them, show kindness to everyone and create projects to improves peoples lives!

  14. Financial happiness for me is :
    a.) when you can focus on pursuing your personal dreams
    b.) spending meaningful and more bonding time with your loved ones
    c.) and being able to share what you have to those in need
    without worrying about money.

  15. Financial Peace is having the lifestyle you desire without working for money.

  16. For me, having Financial Peace means you will never have to view money as a master but as a slave that works for you.

  17. Financial peace is when you don’t have to worry for your tomorrow financially, this is when your income is greater that your expenses.

  18. What does it mean to have financial peace?
    I believe to be financially at peace is being able to share your blessings to others without having to count what you share because what you have does not belong to you but to God who is our provider.
    Malachi 3:10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

  19. Financial peace is sleeping soundly and not worrying on how would you be able to finance your daily expenses. Traveling and exploring things and places and not limiting your enjoyment on your tight budget. Or simply enjoying your life without stressing yourself with the money that you’re going to spend 🙂

  20. Realization and being mature.
    Not everybody realize their own financial capacity to grasp deeper situations when it comes to money matters and dealing about financial education. Yes, they can call themselves mature, but, maturity, in finance, is realizing how can you build an empire full of passive incomes and a kingdom filled with foods, stocks and net profits.

    The ability to live with contentment and debt-free life is the meaning of financial peace. It will come to your life in its soonest possible time, if and only if, you are matured to realize what is to be realized.

    If you’re matured to realize, big dreams, helping others as philantrophist, time with family, friends and loved ones and living with no worries will follow.

  21. Financial Peace is your peace of mind when you spend 760 pesos worth of pizza for a weekend movie with the family, a kind of peace that will free you from guilt when you buy 30% off for that nike shoes that you have long been waiting for so can start running. It is a kind peace of that makes you feel happy when you hand an extra penny to a family or friend in need. It is a kind of peace that will keep you asleep at night not worrying about the debts tomorrow. Financial Peace is your ally, your friend that will help you meet your financial goals in the end.

  22. For me Financial Peace is when you are financially free, you’re earning enough to cover your expenses and luxuries, your saving for emergency funds and also for investments but even if you all have this you still continue to learn more about finacial literacy.

  23. Financial peace is a state in our lives where we can enjoy life, move freely and happily. That money would not be a problem for us to be in a decent and dignified living, because these all can be sustained.

  24. Financial Peace means not having to worry today, tomorrow, the next day, the day after that, and the next one after, and after…

  25. Having financial peace is like living in your dreams, having financial freedom that can go on living life smoothly happy.

  26. we can only say that we are financially peaceful if we were able to attain the status where we don’t have to work for money and our money works for us. contentment is also a major key is saying we are financially peaceful because nothing is enough to people who always crave for more, if we are satisfied with what we have no matter how little it is we will always be peaceful. just like the old advertisement of a credit card that says” for everything else there is Mastercard” Money will always be of big importance in everyday life, we can do so much things with money but at the end of the day it is always your perspective in life that will dictate how you will have a happy and peaceful life

  27. I find this interesting, “Financial Peace” is when the higher the income level is, the more the kind of dreams and aspirations you have with wealth actually match – creating more wealth! The lower the income level, the more your aspirations actually creates poverty! There’s nothing wrong with desiring or making goals in life to experience FINANCIAL PEACE, its just the way people were programmed how to become successful!

  28. Financial Peace is hakuna matata, it means “no worries”. No worries to financial burden.

  29. simply means FREEDOM!
    F- free from all anxieties
    R- responsible citizen
    E- excited in life everyday
    E- enthusiasm in everything
    D- disciplined in deeds and in attitude
    O- owned everything according to God’s plan
    M- master of one self

  30. Financial peace is being comfortable on whatever level you are financially. The best level of course is being free of debt, having a pretty good emergency fund, a passive income more than your expenses and having investment portfolios. However, being a business person, one tends not to have any debts. So financial peace is knowing that you are not a slave of money but money is a tool and can work for you.

    Thanks, Mr. Fitz for sharing your blessings and knowledge. More power to you.

  31. Financial Peace is when you can do the things that you want to do when you want to do it without having to worry and think about anything. Also, Financial peace is felt when you have reached the stage where you find your purpose and you decide to pursue that purpose to make a difference.
    Financial peace is different from financial abundance because a lot of financially abundant people does not have financial peace. They can hardly sleep at night thinking about their material possessions. But take Mother Theresa of Calcutta who may be poor in material wealth but is financially peaceful in a sense that she does not desire any material wealth and whenever she need or want something, she can easily have it just by asking and people all over the world would gladly reach out to her. Now, that’s what I call FINANCIAL PEACE.

  32. Having financial peace means being able to go beyond your own personal basic problems with security and having more time to reach out to others to help them develop into better persons.

  33. Financial peace is calmness and audacity combined in facing the necessities and basic concerns of life in order to dedicate our gifts and our being to things that we are truly passionate about and on relationships that move us to the core. (Thank you for this question. It made me ponder on what my motivation should be in starting my pursuit of financial freedom. Col 3:2 )

  34. Financial peace doesn’t necessarily means being wealthy. It is just a state wherein you know you have enough assets for necessity and some for the vices. It is a state wherein you don’t have to always worry about tom.

  35. Financial peace for me is having financial literacy..Yes..literacy is the key word…it will give me ideas that will work, ideas that will make me better and wise manager…

  36. Hmm Financial peace does it mean:
    • Balenciaga, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc- capable of buying such things w/o looking at the price. Cha Ching!
    • Paris (merci), Greece, Spain (ole), Turkey – traveling the world!
    • Having the sumptuous meal. Yummy!
    • Staying at 5-7 star Hotel, simply enjoying life!
    • Stocks, Mutual Funds, Investments… and more than those:
    Financial Peace is having a CHEERFUL HEART, wherein we’re starting to become a cheerful giver to the church, to the community, to those who are in need. We give not because we knew the Law of Tithing or the Law of Giving or because we have so much to give. We just simply give and we give cheerfully what belongs to God. Financial Peace is having a sound mind because we are debt free and able to pay all the bills. We are able to sleep very well at night without worrying about tomorrow because we trusts in God – the Great Provider. In terms of personal enhancement, he educate his/herself by attending trainings or seminars without having second thought of the price, it simply because he is after the learning. (pero siyempre sana may free pa rin,)  “To God be the Glory”

  37. Financial Peace is appreciating the VALUE of money! Because when you do, you discovered that there is unlimited abundance in the world and life becomes FUN. . .

  38. What does it mean to have Financial Peace?

    HAPPINESS! People always thought they want Money? but it is the value of money WHAT THEY WANT? What do you need money for? you need MONEY TO BUY something that will make you happy? So Financial Peace is HAPPINESS!

  39. Naku sayang. I have just read this post from FB.

    anyways, I do agree that to fine real happiness, first you need to be financially stable as everything will just flow smoothly if you have something to spend.

    Mas mahirap and walang pera.

  40. For me FINANCIAL PEACE is synonymous to RICH MINDSET, Financial Freedom, Financial Independence, Financial Abundance, being WEALTHY or TRULY RICH! If you are truly rich you can help your family, build the church, donate in charitable institutions, share your blessings to others because the ultimate purpose of wealth is to LOVE others.

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