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I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from readers on what is the best life insurance company in the Philippines.

I did some research and according to the Insurance Commission, Sun Life Philippines is the top insurance company in the country, based on premium income. They have been number one for both 2011 and 2012.


I believe part of their success in the industry can be credited to the company’s advocacy in promoting financial literacy. This has helped many Filipinos understand and realize the importance of financial planning.

For those who are interested, below is the current list of insurance products that Sun Life Philippines offers, along with a brief description of what they are.

Term Insurance

A life insurance that provides coverage for only a specific period of time. When the term expires so does the insurance coverage.

  • Sun Forex 5YRCT
  • Sun Forex 1YRCT
  • Sun Term 90 5YRCT
  • Sun Term 90 1YRCT
  • Sun Life Assure
  • Sun StartUp

Whole Life / Participating

A protection and savings in one that provides guaranteed cash benefits at specific periods throughout the duration of the policy.

  • Sun Dream Achiever
  • Sun Acceler8
  • Sun Smarter Life
  • Elite Peso 5
  • Elite Peso 10
  • Elite Peso Regular Pay
  • Classic Peso 5
  • Classic Peso 10
  • Classic Peso Regular Pay

Health Related

Special income plan that helps defray the cost of hospitalization

  • Sun First Aid Plus 50% ROP
  • Sun First Aid Plus 75% ROP
  • Sun Maiden
  • Sun Maiden Plus
  • Sun Flexilink Assist
  • Sun Life Assure

Variable Life Insurance (VUL)

A variable life insurance plan that provides financial protection PLUS the flexibility to choose where your premium payments will be invested.

  • Sun Flexilink / Sun Flexilink1
  • Sun FlexiDollar / Sun FlexiDollar1
  • Sun Maxilink Bright
  • Sun Maxilink Prime
  • Sun Maxilink One (Peso)
  • Sun Maxilink Dollar One

Group Insurance

Insurance plans that can be specially designed to fit the organization’s needs and budget.

  • Group Yearly Renewable Term Plan
  • Group Personal Accident
  • 5 Plus
  • Pro Family
  • Pro Student

Which Product Is For You?

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Notice: The information on this page was last updated in August 2013