Thank You Global Pinoy Campaign and Blog Contest

Updated: June 1, 2015

I have so many friends who went abroad to become an Overseas Filipino Worker. Even my brother is an OFW in the Middle East.

Good thing there’s the internet, because with the help of social networking sites such as Facebook and web applications such as Skype, we are more connected with them than before.

Indeed, it’s now easier for us to know how they are, and also tell them what’s been happening back home.

But despite these technologies, I know everyone will agree that there’s still no substitute to having them physically with us… and tell them in person how much we love them.

The Christmas season is usually the time when our loved ones come home, and to celebrate this annual reunion, Toblerone, in partnership with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas and Duty Free Philippines, is proud to launch the Thank You Global Pinoy Campaign

This project aims to extend gratitude to Overseas Filipinos and thank them for the sacrifices and hard work that they do for their families and for the country.

There’s a lot of activities lined up for this project, one of them includes The Global Pinoy Awards, which will be happening next year, March 2012.

The Global Pinoy Awards will be given to OFW’s whose hard work truly deserves a big “Thank You!” and if you think your loved one deserves this award, then you may visit the official Thank You Global Pinoy website at to learn more.


If there were someone special you could thank right now, who would it be?

This contest is open to all Filipinos – and all you have to do is share in the comments section below your most heartwarming OFW story.

  • If you’re an OFW, tell us your story and your special thank you message to your loved ones.
  • If you have a loved one working overseas, tell us their story and give your thank you message to them.

You may submit your entries until November 15, 2011. After that, the best story, as chosen by me and Toblerone, will receive a special Toblerone chocolate gift pack which will be sent to the OFW Family Member on or before December 20, 2011.

Here’s the step-by-step on how to join:

  1. Share your story below as a comment. Be sure to input your full name and a valid email address.
  2. Email a copy of your story to In this email, please include the following:
    • Full name of OFW
    • Full name of OFW Family Member in the Philippines
    • Mobile number of OFW Family Member
    • Delivery address and contact number of OFW Family Member
    • Email address of OFW Family Member
  3. Lastly, for those who have a Facebook account, click the “Like” button below and share this blog post to your friends. This last step is optional.

That’s it! Again, accepting of entries for this blog contest is until November 15, 2011 BUT participating and sending of entries for the Global Pinoy Awards is until February 28, 2012.

To end, let me share with you this very poignant short entitled “Creative License” which won Best Film in the 2010 US National Film Racing Competition.

Disclosure: This blog post and contest is sponsored by Toblerone Philippines.


  1. My father lost his job, so my older brother decided to find work abroad so he could earn more for our family.

    Even though he really loved his old job, he resigned and went to Singapore to work there because according to him, he loved us, his family more.

    So to Kuya, thank you very much for your love and sacrifice.

  2. I have a friend who’s Dad spent most of his time abroad. His dad has passed away years ago. But because of his Dad he was able to finish his studies and he is better off in life now.

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