The Six Most Profitable Gigs at 199Jobs

Updated: August 30, 2013

It’s already been around six months since I started working on 199Jobs.

I officially introduced it here back in April and the site has undergone a lot of developments and improvements since then.

We already reached a few simple milestones, such as getting past 1,000 users and establishing the brand within the Philippine Startup community.

Personally, I am just glad that the site has been helping a lot of people make some extra cash with their skills.

Below are, from our statistics, the seven most profitable types of jobs that are making big bucks on the site. Check them out and see how simple it is to make money online through 199Jobs.

Writing and Translation


Writers are the most in-demand job on the site right now, especially those who can deliver quality articles within a day or two. The topics they get assigned to write about are wide and varied – from movie reviews and travel features, to business insights and technology news.

Why people buy them:
Content marketing is an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your business and reach your target market. People outsource article writing so they can regularly churn out articles and newsletters to their consumers.

Social Media


Those who know social media marketing can earn good money on the site. The most requested jobs are account setup, community management, cross promotion and fan/follower generation. These people are literally getting paid to use Facebook and Twitter the whole day.

Why people buy them:
Social networking is the number one internet activity – people spend time here more than anywhere else. That’s why businesses invest time and money into building and nurturing online communities.

Web Development and Programming


Software and web developers are also making big bucks on the site. Those who are well-versed in web design, client-side / server-side scripting, internet applications, mobile app programming and e-commerce development are the most in-demand.

Why people buy them:
Non-technical entrepreneurs are hiring these people to create websites and mobile apps for them. Meanwhile, other web devs and programmers are also outsourcing a portion of their work to help them with their projects here.

Design, Art and Graphics


Graphic designers and digital artists are also getting a fair share of the income on the site. Business logo creation, layout and design, vector art, photo editing and manipulation are the most requested jobs there.

Why people buy them:
If you have a big design project, then hiring a full-time artist is recommended. But if you only need one design output, such as a tarpaulin layout, or you just want a photo of your friend digitized and printed for a gift, then the site becomes a more affordable venue to outsource these services.

Music, Voice and Audio


Video and audio transcription services get enough job requests to also make it to this list. Those who can do voice overs, remix audio, edit videos and convert media files across different formats also earn good on the site.

Why people buy them:
Managers and researchers outsource this work to transcribe their recorded meetings, conference speeches and online videos. Transcription service businesses also outsource some of their projects to transcribers on the site.

Admin Work


This is comprised of work that virtual assistants and office secretaries do. Data encoding, Powerpoint presentation creation, list management and online research get a big chunk of the income in this category.

Why people buy them:
Those who outsource these work are either too busy, or they find these tasks repetitive or boring, and would rather spend their time doing something more productive. In any case, it’s good that they do because they’re helping a lot of freelancers and stay-at-home moms earn some extra income.

How Much Are People Actually Earning in 199Jobs

As of the moment, a handful of people have already earned more than P10,000 on the site doing honest-to-goodness work that enhances their skills and talents.

More statistics are given below in this video:

So do you think you can also any of these jobs above? Then join and make some extra cash today.

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  1. Hi,

    You are God sent! I’ve been browsing week after week trying to look for a post that would require me to use my knowledge in Word,Excel, Powerpoint and earn from them. In my wok, i have been doing (and love to do PPT presentations) for quite some time already. I want to do something on the side as i earn very little on my present job.

    Please help me find where i can apply to work on the side and earn using my skills. I am currently working with a remittance company at present and used to do training sessions on how to run the business. I shall be more than grateful for whatever help you can give me.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Hi good day! I am looking for a job which is fit for my skills in data encoding, data mining, word, excel. Can you help me where I can apply that skills here in

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